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It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas………

I am scared, incredibly scared.  On Christmas Eve a lot of our family will be descending upon us for a few days and they will be expecting to be fed and given presents.  Two are  vegetarians.  As things stand at the moment they will be lucky to get bread and cheese!  I am seriously behind with everything!   I have had so many fantastic sessions recently that I just have not had the time to do much else.  Obviously the sites have still been updated each week and now that we have four this is no easy task.  The blogs have gone by the wayside but I am hoping to perhaps update them this afternoon (we are filming this morning)   My last session takes place on Monday, Tuesday will be spent visiting my family in the South and then Christmas will be upon us!  Hopefully at some stage before then Mr Stern and I will manage to buy a turkey.  I had hoped to get this posting completed before filming, I didn’t but I did manage to upload some of our latest films to Clips4sale so that those of you whom prefer to buy individual films do not miss out.

Before I show you the latest updates from our Spanking Sites I would just like to commend Pandora Blake on her very eloquent debate on Channel 4 news on Friday.  I am not a protester, it really is not my thing.  I wanted to go but when I found out that there was going to be mass face sitting I was completely and utterly put off.  When I watched the channel 4 coverage I was filled with shame, especially when somebody decided it would be a good idea to flash their tits.  What kind of message did we send?  Now, don’t get me wrong, I know the news coverage was slanted to show the very worst of our kink but let us be honest, if it didn’t happen then they could not film it.   Then Pandora Blake came on in the studio and was absolutely fantastic.   My faith was restored.  We won’t get the new bill changed by showing our tits but maybe, just maybe people will sympathise and listen to an articulated argument.  Most people may not like what we do but and it is a big BUT that does not mean it should be subject to censorship and I strongly believe that if we allow this to continue then things can only get worse.  If you do not want to live in a Country which restricts what you are allowed to believe in then please sign the petition.  It will take you a couple of minutes and your details are not shared with anyone.

Ok, let us get back to the spankingSarah Spanks Men has our good friend Tony getting a whacking from spanking newbie Grace.  Grace is a scene player and predominately a sub.  She came along a few months ago for a shoot and spent most of the day getting her bum smacked by Tony.  At the end of the day I offered her the chance to get her own back and she jumped at the chance.  Poor Tony gets spanked, paddled and then caned by Grace in the latest SarahSpanksMen film  

At English Spankers Eighteen year old Violet gets her very first (and quite possibly her last) taste of the cane.  Young Violet has been punished for being out all night and for lying about where she had been, a good paddling made her feel sorry for herself but now she is to be caned. She has never felt the cane on her bottom and when she bends over, her bare bottom raised she knows that she is about to have the most painful experience of her life. She is right!

English Spankers

A rare treat for some at SpankingSarah this week.  I get emails all the time asking me to appear as the spankee in a film.  I have decided not to sub anymore as I really see myself now as a Top.  I do still offer switch spanking sessions  so thought that as it is nearly Christmas I would give my members what they had asked for.  You never know, I might even do the same thing next year!  


Finally at RedStripe Films this week Our camera man starts out with the best of intentions to make a good hard spanking film but then gets distracted by the charms of the young lady, especially when she does throw herself at him. It takes a strong minded lady to come along and sort the situation out and then put the young lady, Zanda Lee over her knee and give her naughty bottom a good hard and well deserved spanking. That’s what she does.   

RedStripe Films

Kami Robertson at RedStripe Films

Life is rather hectic at the moment.  I am getting a bit scared about just how little I have done to prepare for Christmas.  I have most of the family descending upon me for a few days (including two veggies) and I have planned nothing!  I have bought cards but not written them and still need to buy quite a few presents.  I am taking the vile teen off to London on Saturday and I am also popping over to France on Monday so hopefully I can get most of the present buying done then.  The Christmas decorations have been up for ages as we made the Xmas  film in November.   You may have noticed that we have taken the free clips off of the fronts of our sites.  Upon reflection I could see that a minor could decide to watch them,  I don’t think that they would come to any harm and I don’t need to comply with any of the stupid UK laws but decided that this was a sensible thing to do.   The fact that they can watch them on a free site is irrelevant.  We then agonised about whether we should offer a free film as per our custom at Christmas.  We have decided to go ahead.

Kami Robertson is at RedStripe Films this week in a fantastic remastered classic film.  Kami Robertson no longer identifies as a submissive publically so it is wonderful to see one of her earlier (and best) films back online.   A very youthful Kami tries to fool the Doctor with some rather serious consequences …. 

redstripe films

Aleesha Paddled and Ella Caned

I have been awake since about 3am this morning.  At 5am I gave up trying to get back to sleep and got up.  It is technically my ‘day off’ today which basically means I can catch up with blogging, cleaning and one hundred and one other tasks.  In fact, I often find that it is easier when I am smacking bums!

It has been ten days since the UK imposed their stupid, pointless and in all honesty fucked up laws upon us.  To quickly recap it is now virtually illegal to produce spanking porn in the Uk.  Don’t worry, you can still watch it but there is no guarantee that they not will try to restrict this as well  if we do not try and get this overturned.  Who knows just how many of your rights this Government will take?   Strand Productions is based in Spain so does not fall foul of this ruling but many UK Producers now have to live in fear awaiting the dreaded letter from ATVOD which could spell the end for their website.    There are things which YOU can do to help.  The easiest being to sign this petition.  It will take just two minutes of your time.  You could also write to your MP.  Julian Huppert MP has set out an Early day motion to get this act annulled but he needs support.  Your MP is supposed to act in your interests.  You can find out how your local MP is and how to contact them here   Or you can join this protest in London on Friday.

A fantastic film for you at English Spankers this week.  I am sure you will be as pleased as I was to know that Aleesha Fox is back after taking a break from being spanked.  Aleesha Fox is a very experienced spanking model but she has not been spanked for some long time. She wants to see if she can get back into taking a good hard spanking and caning so of course we help out. Once bent over the knee and given a hand spanking she is keen to progress to a couple of different leather paddles. Will she like the sting and the pain from these quite as much. 

English Spankers At Spanking Sarah a little later this week

Ella Hughes is now pretty established in the spanking world but as usual I have the very first films of this beautiful new comer. This is the last part of my initial interview with her, I have previously spanked her and strapped her and now she is to get the thing she most fears, the cane. She has her doubts about this nasty toy but bends over with her pert bottom in the air. Now it is her first time but she will get the cane in exactly the same way that I always cane, hard!  

Spanking Sarah

A Whole lot of Caning going on!

This week has been a strange one.   I guess like a lot of Producers we are still reeling from the shock.  We knew it was coming, had even prepared for it but it still seems really strange and really frightening that my place of birth can criminalise so many acts in one swop without it ever being debated or discussed.  What next?   Personally I think that this law is almost unenforceable but that is very easy for me to say from the safety of a different Country.  If you haven’t already, please, please, please sign this e-petition.  It is important, not just for the British fetish industry but for freedom of speech and expression in general.  I don’t have a degree and cannot write as eloquently as others but I do know that if this is allowed to go unquestioned then further restrictions will be applied.  Now, for some content which was perfectly legal to make in the UK this time last week and now has been banned.

At SpankingSarah Lola Marie is now to receive the ultimate punishment that can be carried out at the house of correction. After much discussion it is decided she will have to submit to a double caning carried out by Miss Katie Didit and Miss Sarah Stern. This is a painful and formidable penalty carried out whilst bent over the punishment stool. She has to pay for her misbehavior in this most painful way. 


At RedStripe Alice was caught playing with herself by her landlord and he did not agree with this behaviour. He has already paddled her bare behind for this dirty act and now he intends to cane her. She has to bend over, totally naked and take a good hard caning onto her bottom. Rather a serious punishment for such a crime  

RedStripe Films

At Sarah Spanks Men we have birching, now sure if this is illegal BUT if it isn’t already covered I am sure that they will try and slip further regulations in.  Parker has reported to the Governess and he knows he must be birched.  No mercy will be shown and he expects to receive none.  Naked he has to lay over the punishment chair to whilst I prepare the birches.=[

How the new legislation affects Strand Productions

I debated about whether or not I should come out and publically discuss this but over the last few days I have received countless emails, messages on Fetlife and even tweets asking us what we will do now the new laws have come into place. The answer? Nothing.   Mr Stern remembers the days well when pornography was illegal in the UK. In fact, it is part of the reason he wound down his sex sites and opened a spanking one. As a Father, Homeowner and Businessman he did not wish to break the law. Laughingly at that time sex was bad and spanking well, spanking was ok.

ATVOD is a government QUANGO, which seems to have come out of nowhere but has been around for some time and has been surreptitiously increasing its scope, range and powers. We have quietly kept an eye on their rules and regulations. We did not class ourselves as ‘TV like’ so really should not have been affected by their rulings. We however noticed that there main purpose seemed to be to shut down all British adult sex or sex related or fetish sites using the pretext that children could be affected by seeing these ‘terrible images and clips’ on the internet. There is no proof first that children actively seek out fetish sites or for that matter that the viewing of such sites has any adverse or harmful effect on them.

It is no secret that I am a Mother of three. If I felt for one moment that my work affected even one child I would shut up shop tomorrow. One has to wonder if the next step from producing content which is harmful to children will be to make the Producer of such content unfit parents. Don’t think that could happen? Well, to be honest despite our fears I truly believed that the new law which came into effect on the 1st December wouldn’t yet here it is. Overnight people now have to live with the threat of prosecution.

We have over the past few years moved more and more of our Business away from the UK and whilst in Spain in October we made the final and actually heart-breaking move to take up our Spanish residency.   

We have for some time toyed with the idea of living in Spain full time again but had decided to wait until our youngest child had finished full time education. We did not wish to disrupt her life but what choice have we been given? Realistically, I just can’t stop producing spanking material and why should I?   I enjoy making spanking films and object to a Government which seems to believe it has the right to tell me that what I do is dangerous. How can it be ok for example for contact sports such as boxing which causes permanent harm and death to be legal yet spanking not to be? I could continue but it won’t make any difference.

What difference does this make to you? Well, as far as being members of our sites, it does not affect you at all.   It is not illegal to watch or participle in spanking. It is not even illegal for us to make it. This draconian law only affect British Producers and hopefully this stupid, stupid law will be practically unenforceable.

What difference does it make to us? A huge one.   Our child is in her final GCSE year; thankfully our sites are only part of our income stream. Mr Stern and I will be spending time in both the UK and Spain and most of our filming will still be in the UK.   We would love to stand and fight this awful law but in all honesty we have far too much to lose. Does that make us bad people? Maybe, but my main concern will always be our own family. We are not heroes and we most certainly do not want to be criminals.

I can’t tell anyone what to do, especially when this new ruling does not cause any threat to my company but I will say that I will sign any petition which will help overturn this legislation and would urge you to do the same.   I feel truly ashamed that my Country of birth is determined to take us back to the days of censorship and only hope that this can be stopped.  

The official petition is now available to sign, we do urge everyone to sign this, it will help protect your freedom, our freedom and ironically enough the freedom of our children to have free expression. The petition is here.