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Betrayed, Imogen D’Arcy Caned at RedStripe Films

It has been another fun filled and action packed week here.  In-between smacking really naughty boys and getting my SarahSpanksMen site up, running and live I have also managed to fit in a film shoot with a brand new girl, chase pirates, update sites and blogs, fit in a trip to the dentist, walk the dog, clean the house, cook and do a ton of ironing!  Oh and deal with the fact that my Twitter account was hacked …. I do apologise if  you were one of the people who clicked links expecting red bums and got a Viagra link.  Phew, it is indeed a tough job being me but a fun one as well.   I am pretty sure that I have probably missed some of my many tasks out but you get the drift.  The week has absolutely  whizzed by and I am pretty sure next will do the same.  We will be minus the vile teen next week as she is on holiday with the school (Hooray)  Does that sound mean?  I love her to pieces but some ‘away’ time is wonderful and does not happen very often.

Anyway ….. Enough of my ramblings.  The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that none of our new films were uploaded to clips4sale this week.   Although the site was up and running, the Admin side went down.  It is back up now and I have added the English Spankers film with Ashleigh today.  Lola Marie will appear tomorrow and the Imogen D’Arcy film on Monday so you do not have to wait too long to get your spanking fix.   At the moment I will also be adding the SarahSpanksMen to this site as well.

The Imogen D’Arcy film became live on RedStripe Films yesterday and it is fantastic even if I do say so myself.  Imogen and I are quite good friends which means that we can make harder, edgier films which show the real connection we have.  I absolutely adored making this trio of films for Spanking Mansion and I adore looking back at the photos and seeing just how far into subspace Imogen was.  Just look at those eyes!  Imogen has finally has to give in to her Lover Sarah. She has been beaten and abused in all manner of ways but now she has no alternative but to do as she is told. A punishment stool is produced and Imogen told to bend over it. What follows is a severe and painful caning using a heavy dragon cane that has just one job to do, to inflict pain to the bare bottom presented to it. It does that as is quite obvious.   

RedStripe Films

The Slipper for Ashleigh and other Spanking News

My poor blog has been rather neglected of late.  Well, actually, the blog is not the only thing to have been slightly neglected.  Emails, tweets, facebook, Fetlife and lots of other things have fallen slightly by the wayside.  Why?  The amount of hours in the day.  Unfortunately, last time I checked, there were only 24 of them.  Recent high levels of piracy have seriously eaten into my time and I know you guys are probably sick to death of hearing this but Producers cannot afford these types of attack.  Not only do these cause us loss of revenue but time and peace of mind.  I cannot describe to you how very sick it makes me feel to see our films used in this way.   Please, please, please do not aid these criminals.  Most Producers are small one or two man bands and we need your support.  We do of course love what we do but think about it, how can we continue to make films if we do not make money?  Don’t kill the Goose (or Geese) that lay the golden eggs.    I know times are tough but you would not walk into the Supermarket and steal your weekly shopping would you?  So please do not steal your Spanking pleasures.  None of us charge fortunes for a monthly membership and most have an alternative billing facility if you don’t want to use a card so there really is no excuse.

Mini rant over (for now)  Unfortunately it does seem to be one which needs repeating from time to time.  Have you taken a look at SarahSpanksMen  yet?  It is my brand new F/M site.  I really wasn’t sure at times whether I would ever be able to get it open but I have!   You can join via CCBill for only £10.00 per month which is almost as much as some of you pay for a single film at my Clips4Sale site so I now it will be popular.   Content will be added on a regular basis so this low price will not be able to remain.  The good news is that if you join now you will keep paying that low fee for the duration of your membership.

Sarah Spanks Men

At English Spankers this week Ashleigh is determined to model for a local photographer, she has been told she must not and has been spanked for disobeying. Now she is at it again, and she is in serious trouble, her big boobs and cute arse will not save her from a damn good thrashing with the slipper. She has to bend over and take a good swatting on her bare bottom

English Spankers

Lola Marie is at Spanking Sarah and she is in big trouble!  This film was made the day after I had quite a nasty accident.  I was getting out of a car when it started to roll.  The elderly driver went to put his foot on the brake and hit the accelerator instead!  Needless to say I suffered some injuries.  We had already booked this shoot with Lola Marie and Jess and fortunately we had Auntie Katie on hand to help.  However, all our storylines went out of the window …  My hand was damaged and I could barely walk!  We soon made the best out of a bad situation and poor Lola got the blame for my injuries and a double paddling to boot!  A hard hitting spanking film and one where I can honestly say the spanking (almost) hurt me as much as it hurt Lola. 

Spanking Sarah



Sarah Spanks Men goes Live!

It has been a long time coming but I am very pleased to announce that SarahSpanksMen is now a membership site.  It was over a year ago that I decided to embark on this new adventure and there were times when I thought it actually would not happen!  Running three successful spank sites plus offering 121 services and running a home and family left little time but I have got there.  Membership at the moment is just over £10.00 per month but this will of course have to increase as the content on the site grows.  The good news is that if you join now you will keep this low price for the whole of your membership.   The site will be updated regularly with full films and photo galleries.  Those of you who prefer to buy individual films will still be able to continue to do so.


The Cane for Susan at RedStripe Films

Susan has come for a job as a spanking model but has been telling lies and now she has to suffer the consequences. Spanking Sarah has been summoned to carry out a judicial level caning to the young lady. Bent over she has to take every hard stroke as it is handed out to her, leaving her well marked from this painful caning. RedStripe Films

Ella Hughes First ever Spanking Film now at Spanking Sarah

You know that I go out of my way to find the prettiest girls who have never made a spanking film and this time I have for you the very first session with the lovely Ella Hughes. She is a stunning beauty who really does love to have her bare bottom spanked. She set me quite a challenge, she loved it so much I was not sure if I was going to be able to give such a cute bottom the pain it really needed, take a look at what happened. Spanking Sarah
This is the very first spanking scene shot with the very lovely Ella Hughes. Ella has already featured on my other site English Spankers but I had the pleasure of giving her this very first and I have to say very hard bare bottom spanking. No matter how hard a spanked her I could not get that smile off her face, am I losing my touch? No, it is just that Ella Loves to be spanked and spanked hard. Well I have reduced ladies to tears before so I am going to work at this young lady.