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A Sound Slippering for Bemby

I wonder whether this post will get published or if I will have to go back in and manually add it?  Time will tell.  Most of you know that all of our films are available to buy on an individual basis  at our Clips4sale store but did you know that you can now buy them at  The Spanking Library?  I think some of you must,  the new store does not give me the opportunity to upload and schedule films to come out so at the start of each week you will find all our films loaded in  advance and I can see some of you have been taking advantage of this.

Please welcome Bemby to SpankingSarah.   You’ve guessed it, Bemby is another young lady who has made her debut with us.  Bemby is into BDSM and Spanking in her own personal life but as you can imagine, that is no where near the same as making a film.  It is easy to forget how challenging some people find acting to be.  You don’t need to be Oscar award winning to make spanking films but Bemby really got into the part, so much so that she ended up in floods and floods of tears!  We used a different camera to film this and I am sure members will enjoy just how into the action this allowed us to get.

This is the first of the new series of hand made films, shot in a special way with the latest camera to get you right into the action. To start this series we have a new and very naughty young lady called Bemby, now she has been telling me lies, when she should have been at college she has in fact been making spanking movies for a local studio. Well, I am not standing for that and so it’s over my knee she goes a for a dose of my slipper. Now she may think she has been spanked but till she has had one from me she does not know what it’s all about. She does know.   Spanking Sarah

A Naked Paddling for Satine Spark

I spent a lot of time last Monday scheduling posts in advance.  I had a really buy week and knew I would not have time to write them each day.  In fact, I didn’t even have the time to check them, which is why it took me so long to realise that the bloody things had for some reason missed their schedules.  Not sure why that happened and it is a bit of a worry as I will be away next week.  Poor Mr Stern will be home alone so will have to add checking my blogs to the long list of things he will have to do.

We have updated English Spankers this week Satine Spark has had her interview spanking for the Sexy Cleaning Company and she has given herself a good paddling whilst waiting to meet her first customer. This lady makes it clear that it is not so much the cleaning she is interested in but the fact that she gets to spank and paddle a naughty bottom. Satine agrees to let this nasty lady give her a real hard paddling in some very embarrassing positions.

English Spankers

James sent for further punishment

It is Friday!  Time for the weekend.  We are having a family celebration, one of the not so little ones has a land mark Birthday soon.  We are celebrating in advance as he has far better things to do then hang out with his Mum on the actual day.  Now, it is actually still Monday but time certainly flies when you are having fun!  This time next week we will be looking forward to the long Easter weekend and I will be running around trying to get not one but two weeks worth of blog posts done in advance.  I am taking my daughter to New York for a week.  Poor Mr Stern will be home alone and in charge of all the sites and the dogs so the least I can do is lighten the load a little.  This will be my very first visit across the pond and I am really looking forward to it. 

James has been sent back to see me at SarahSpanksMen.  Since Amanda hurt her hand his behaviour has really gone downhill.  They have always partaking in a domestic discipline relationship – any bad behaviour from James would be instantly punished.  Since the threat of instant pain has gone it has been found that James is not quite attentive and caring as he once was.  Will a visit to me rectify this?  

Sarah Spanks Men

This is how we do it!

I spent a lot of time on Monday writing and scheduling blog posts.  I did this because I knew I would not have the time to do them later in the week.  Imagine my dismay when I noticed today that none of them had posted!  No idea why ….. I could blame Kodders but that would not be strictly true ….. In saying that he should have noticed that I hadn’t publically blogged all week and mentioned it.   Anyway, that aside, we had a great shoot today with spanking newbie Victoria.  She had never ever been spanked before but took to it like a duck to water.

I make no secret of the fact that I don’t want my sites to look like everybody else’s.    I have always strived to be different.  I love the buzz of finding a new spanking model.  I am a bit like the fairy princesses in that respect, I kiss a lot of frog before I find my Prince.  I take the chances that the other Producers don’t and work with girls who have never ever been spanked and boy, do I spank them!   Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t…. today it did.  Please let me welcome our latest addition Victoria.  

Coming soon to Spanking Sarah and English Spankers


Breast and Bottom Paddling for Grace

If all is going to plan then we should be filming with another new girl today.   Hopefully there have not been any last minute hitches.  This is another young lady who wants to give spanking a go.  Who knows whether or not she will be able to cope with being over my knee and getting her bare bottom spanked by my hard hand? Let alone trying implements for the very first time.  A first caning is always a very painful experience and leaves some really delightful welts on the bottom.  If all goes well then I will post up some photos either later this week (after all it is only Monday whilst I am writing this)  or at the beginning of next.  Grace had never made a film before she came along to us, she was however very much into the spanking scene and told us all about a particular type of spanking that she wanted to do.

Grace has been punished by Mr. Stern who instructed her husband on the best methods of discipline but it seems that Grace wants more discipline than he is giving her. She decides to take matters into her own hands and give her tits and bottom a good hard paddling. Her husband catches her doing this and gets the message, he then gives her the punishment she wants.   RedStripe Films