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Saturday Morning Super Spankings

We now have five sites to update on a regular basis.  Most of you here for the spanking so may not know about won’t know about  our Strand Girls site but if you like to see real Amateur ladies up to no good then it is certainly worth a look!   The monthly membership is amazing value.  If you prefer to buy films one at a time then pop along to our Sex Clips Site

Strand Girls

Our Spanking Clips4Sale site is also now up to date with all the latest releases at Spanking Sarah, English Spankers, RedStripe Films and Sarah Spanks Men.   I am rather pleased that my site often appears in the Top 5 of popular Spanking Clips Sites and that my clips are also often in the Top 10.  In fact, they have often been the number one bestselling clips on the whole site.  Clips4Sale is absolutely huge so this is actually a great achievement.  I don’t split my films into small clips …..  I think they are best watched in their entirety but if this is something people would prefer then please let me know.  

Recent additions to  Clips4sale

SarahSpanksMen has hit the floor running!  Wow, who would believe that so many of you like to see naughty boys and men giving a good hard spanking?  I have just uploaded a new harsh caning film which is NOT for the faint hearted! Just when he thought it was over the pain started again. I was not going to let this cheater get away with just a good paddling however hard it may have been and despite his tears. Out came my canes, I started with a thin whippy one but then worked up to a heavy full size dragon cane and boy did I give it to him. I hope he feels this for days to come.

Sarah Spanks Men

Before I vanish ….. Well, actually, before I do some more blog posts in advance to save myself more time for partying in Spain I wanted to share a few photos from a recent shoot.  Meet Zandalee I love this lady and I am pretty sure you will too.  She is a mature sexy lady who loves being spanked.  Expect to see a lot of this lady at our sites in the next few months.

Coming soon to Spanking Sarah


The Paddle for Sandy at RedStripe Films


I have a hang over.   In fact, I think it is the worst hang over I have had for a long time.  I am not really sure why, I know I drank quite a lot (Ok, I drank a hell of a lot)  But I have had a lot more to drink  before and not felt quite so terrible.  I have been back to bed today and had a sleep and still feel awful.   I wonder if it is because we have had such a fun but busy week.  It has been manic.  The vile teen went to Belgium with the school so we packed a lot of things we cant normally do into the time she has been away.   Last night The London Tanner,  his friend Morgan and TheRealPrincess came to stay we had an amazing time as we don’t get to see them as often as we would like.

At RedStripe Films  I always thought that I was supposed to be running this web site but whenever things go wrong it’s me that has to suffer. Mr. Stern was in a real bad mood this evening and I must admit I had been slacking a bit but did I really deserve this amount of punishment. The heaviest paddle thrashing me till I can’t sit. A bit unfair I think.

RedStripe Films

Ella Hughes Spanking Audition. Time to test the Toy Bag

I love Ella Hughes.  In fact, I love a lot of the girls that we shoot with.  I guess when you are sharing such intimate acts there has to be a level of feeling involved.  Trust is high on the list.  It can’t be easy for some of these girls to come along to a spanking shoot and meet a relative stranger!  Fortunately our reputation precedes us.   But it still must be rather daunting.  Ella Hughes is just nineteen years old and although we have now shot together quite a few times this was her very first spanking shoot.  I remember mine as if it was yesterday and I know just how nervous I was.   I guess this makes it easier for me to put girls at ease.  They know that I am a wicked spanker but if they are into the scene then I am giving them exactly what they crave. 

Before any shoot I always talk to our new models and explain exactly what is going to happen to them.  I tell them to take  a look at my Spanking Sarah site and warn them that this is not pretend.  We make hard spanking films and if you decide to shoot with us you will be going home with a bruised and welted backside.   Filming with a brand spanking new model can be problematic as it is difficult explaining just what will happen on a shoot and I can tell you, for some it is a mighty shock when they get the first smack.  In fact, some never ever make more than one spanking film!  I can honestly say that Ella Hughes is not one of those models.

When Ella got in touch she told me she was into the scene and adored being spanked.  When she came along it soon became obvious that she was telling the truth!  Ella adores being punished.  In fact the only thing she does not like is the cane!  What a pity that I had to use it on her but that is for another film on another day.  This week we show you the second part of her spanking interview.  Ella had already taken a good hard hand spanking and it was time to move onto some implements.

I asked Ella to pick an implement from my spanking bag.  I have a huge array of paddles, straps, tawses and all sorts of other amazing things.  Ella was spoilt for choice.  In fact, she was like a kid in a sweet shop.  She really did not know what to pick.  She eventually choose a few different spanking implements because she just could not narrow it down to one.

Now, it would have been wrong of me not to use them all wouldn’t it?  Especially after she had gone to all that trouble.  I rather enjoyed beating Ella on her beautiful bare bottom with the strap, paddle and bathbrush and I am sure you will enjoy watching it too.  Ella ends up with a lovely marked and bruised bum. 

Spanking Sarah

Amelia and Jess Au Pairs Punished

I am playing catch up.  It is actually the story of my life.  If I ever do catch up with everything then I will most probably be really really bored!  We have shot some great spanking content  with a brand new lady today and I know that you are going to love her.  She is more mature than your average spanking model but so sexy and she took every single implement including the cane.  I don’t suppose she will be sitting very comfortably for the next day or so but she has agreed to do it all again soon.  I will post some photos a little later this week.

Amelia Jane Rutherford is quite often classed in polls as one of the Top Spanking Models and I totally agree with this.  She is not only an absolutely fabulous model but she is an amazingly nice person as well.   I usually get to shoot with her about once a year and I so look forward to catching up and sharing news.  Earlier this year we paired Amelia with a relative newbie called Jess.  Jess is just as lovely but not quite as well known, in fact, to date she has only made spanking videos for our sites.  Jess and Amelia made a great time and I adored punishing the pair of them in the latest English Spankers film.  

English Spankers

A Cold Caning for Barry at Sarah Spanks Men

We have been vile teen free since Sunday so took the opportunity to pop over to France and restock on essentials like Wine, Beer and smoked Garlic.  We have had a lovely time but will now have to work twice as hard this week to get everything done.  We got back a little earlier tonight.  We have a shoot planned for the morning so we will be up and out rather early.   My SarahSpanksMen site is doing really well, thank you to all of the new members.  I have added two new films this week and have some photos to share with you.

This was a most unusual request. Barry came to see me and what he required was simple and very straight forward. He wanted to be cold caned. That means that he wanted me to cane his bare bottom as hard as I could and without any warm up spanking, as is usually the case. I have to admit this was a first for me but it was quite exciting knowing that I was giving Barry  exactly what he wanted in the way he wanted it.  

Sarah Spanks Men