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Dirty Web Work for Honesty

My Mother has gone home.  It was lovely to see her but it is just as nice to wave goodbye at the train station.  The past few days have been fraught with worry for me that she will find something she shouldn’t or ask too many questions.   I envy those who are completely out about their spanking lives but I doubt that I will ever join them.  I don’t feel that we are doing anything wrong BUT and it is a big BUT I know that my family and neighbours would not understand so for now I am going to try and keep it under wraps. 

At RedStripe Films  Honesty can be rather naughty, just like any attractive youngster she loves to show off her body. When she is caught using her web cam to broadcast to the whole world as she strips and plays with her body she knows she is in trouble. She has to bend over with her head in the chair and bottom raised, a stiff leather paddle is then used on her bare bottom to teach her the error of her ways. A painful lesson

RedStripe Films

The Hair Brush for Lola Marie

At Spanking Sarah  The house of correction is a pretty tough place to be and justice is swift and painful as Lola Marie is finding out. In this case maybe she does not deserve to get a beating but it’s going to happen anyway. Still bound she has to bed over and Katie Didit the strict boss lady sets about her bare bottom with a nasty wooden clothes brush. Hard, prolonged and painful

Spanking Sarah

Kami Robertson Spanked, Slippered and Caned

This week at English Spankers  we have a classic film or rather two films. We have so many requests to see Kami Robertson in her very early years a s a spanking model we just had to bring you these two film. Kami as a Japanese schoolgirl gets spanked, slippered and caned. This film has it all, the real uniform, white regulation school knickers authentic and very real spanking and the senior cane used on her bare bottom

English Spankers

Cane Me Please Sarah

My Mother arrives in the morning for a visit.  I am picking her up from the train station at around 11am.  At 9am I will be pushing shaving foam pies into one of my clients faces!  It gets quite messy but is great fun.  It will be a quick clean up before I leap into the car.  She is staying for a few days so we will have to ensure that the house is totally kink free.  We are usually safe as I can put all manor of naughty things into the cleaning and ironing cupboard and know that the vile teen will never ever look there…….  My Mother is a different matter, I once caught her reading one of my letters!  The reason she gave for doing so?  She was going to help tidy up and so wanted to know whether this particular piece of paper was important! We have done most of our webwork in advance.  If you happen to be a dirty bastard pirate reading my blog then please rest assured that YOU WILL NOT get a few days free rein, Mother or no Mother I will be checking your shitty boards to see if you have stolen anymore of my films.  Apologies to those of you who are tired of hearing me raving about piracy BUT it affects everyone.  It does not take a rocket science to work out that if we do not make any cash out of making spanking films then we will stop making them as will everybody else.  There is no point me trying to appeal to the pirates better nature, they don’t have one and are only interested in making money but I can ask you, the consumer to please pay for your spanking porn. Enough of me harping on.  Let me tell you about the latest film available at Sarahspanksmen.  Steve has appeared a few times and came along to help us make some films for RedStripe where he played the Top.  He was fantastic and gave out some good spanking and paddlings.  At the end of the day he hada request to make.  Would I mind giving him a cold caning?  Well, the cameras were already set up so we decided we may as well film the action.

Let me tell you, it’s a pretty brave man who comes back to me for a real hard caning, presenting himself at my door and asking for the cane. It does not happen very often but Steve was just such a guy. Now he is a real tough guy, just the sort a lady wants to look after her when she is in a rough tough pub, not that I frequent such places but you get the idea. Nothing to say about this film. It is good, hard caning given as requested   Sarah Spanks Men

It’s Curtains for Kod and many other Spanking Exploits

Poor Kod.  Tomorrow he will meet his maker …..  Well, he might actually be wishing it to be for he is actually meeting somebody far worse!  The day of reckoning is almost upon him.  Kod is due to pay dearly for each and everyone of his numerous transgressions.  I did start writing them all in a black book but I ran out of pages, then I ran out of ink and then I ran out of patience and realised that he had done so many things wrong that the easiest thing in the world to do would be to just beat and torment him profusely.  I am so looking forward to him doing his ‘Dad dance’ again.    I will let him live……  Only really so that I can torment him again on another day oh, and because he brings lovely chocolate.  Talking of chocolate a very fat and greedy dog I know managed to steal and eat a whole bar of it yesterday!  How she is not ill I do not know.  Mr Stern has been told now that it has to be locked away to prevent Evie from helping herself when she is left home alone.  Perhaps when we get our new cat she will lose some weight by chasing it around the house. 

When I said ‘many other spanking exploits’ that may have been a slight exaggeration. ….  I am going to tell you about two.  But, they are both absolutely amazing.  If you don’t want to buy monthly memberships both are available to buy from our clips4sale store.  I always put these films out at the lowest price allowable.

If I start with the latest update at Spanking Sarah.  I love Zanda Lee.  She had never been caned before and was rather nervous about this.  She did ask me to go gently!  Both Mr Stern and I laughed when she asked this!  Was I gentle?  Of course not.  If someone is going to be caned then they need to be able to feel it.  The strokes were measured and hard and left some wonderful welts.  Zanda Lee was in tears at the end of this film but she has forgiven me!  In fact we recently filmed with her again.

Zandia has been well spanked and paddled by her boss for taking money from the petty cash. He has left Sarah to give her a real punishment. After a short discussion Sarah decides that this lady needs to learn a real hard lesson and decides to cane her. She is bent over the office desk for a long and hard application of the senior cane to her bare bottom   Spanking Sarah

At RedStripe films we have a real life style player Alice Blue and her Master Sean Wolf.  We have  known Sean for some years and have filmed him with many of his submissives and slaves.  Despite not being into the actual BDSM scene myself I can see that Alice and Sean havea natural dynamic and that she adores being able to serve him. 

Alice really did like her spanking and wants to go a stage further and try to take the leather paddle. It is explained to her that this will be considerably more painful than a hand spanking but she is all ready to try it. She starts off bent over the table, and the exposed bottom gets a good hard paddling. Next she has to get on the table in the diaper position and this really does cause her to think as she gets her swats.  

RedStripe Films