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Tied and Drugged at Spanking Sarah

We have been filming with the lovely Ella Hughes today.  I don’t have any of the stills from the shoot on this lap top but let me tell you that they are wonderful!  I will upload them so you can have a sneak peek at some time over the next few days.  I really love this spanking newbie and I am planning our third shoot with her already.  She really is beautiful and I am honoured to be the first person to spank her on film. 

After filming had finished I spent about three hours catching up on the ironing!  Whoever said that the life of a spanking producer was full of excitement couldn’t have been more wrong.  Yes, we get to smack some lovely bums but we still have to do all the mundane tasks which somehow feel even more boring after a days shoot.  I have had offers from male slaves but they either only want to iron my underwear or they do it wrong in order to get beaten or both!  It is far easier to do these things myself.

Anyway, enough of my wittering, it is getting late and I have a busy day whacking bums tomorrow so let me just tell you about the latest update at Spanking Sarah.  Vicky is being very nice to Aunty Katie but she has an ulterior motive. She intends to drug and abuse Katie but will she get away with it? Oh no, Sarah comes to the rescue and Vicky soon finds herself in the most humiliating positions getting her bottom well beaten with a leather paddle. Hard accurate strokes soon make her a very sorry young lady  

Spanking Sarah

A very warm welcome back to Spanking Sandy at RedStripe Films.   Sandy took some time off from filming but she was missed by many of our members and recently decided to come back.  This is her first film in years and Mr Stern really laid it on hard.  It was the bosses first day back at the office and he finds that Sandy has not been dealing with any of the emails from her members. She has not told him just how many requests she has had from members to see her in some more spanking films. There is only one remedy to that behaviour. She soon finds herself over the knee and her big bottom is getting one hell of a spanking. She takes the punishment well but she knows there is a lot more to come.

RedStripe Films


The Cane for Belle Calder

It is quite late for me to be blogging.  Mr Stern has already gone to bed and I will be joining him shortly.  We are filming in the morning with the wonderful Ella Hughes so I will need all my energy to smack her fantastic bottom.  We are minus the not so little and have had a couple of lovely days with our friends Mr and Mrs London Tanner.   A good time (and a lot of alcohol) was had by all.

In between various activities we managed to update English Spankers with a full length film featuring one of your favourites.  Belle Calder is yet another young lady who made her spanking debut with us.  She had never been spanked before but she must have enjoyed it because she came back for another shoot.   Belle told me that she actually quite liked to be spanked and paddled but that she really, really did not like to be caned.  I don’t make many films in a day with the ladies we shoot with …. I have always preferred to make less hard films than lots of tappy tap ones and I do insist that anyone who films with us takes a good hard caning.  Belle was well aware of this and knew that she would go home with some welts on her bum.   She took 12 full force strokes and apparently it took 10 days for the marks to go!

Mr. Stern has left a cane with Bells guardian and she fully intends to use it at once. Bell has to go over the knee for a spanking over her skirt and then on the bare bottom. When it is well warmed she is told to bend into the chair. After some practice swings the cane starts to make an impact on this tender young bottom, some good long stripes attest to the accuracy of the strokes. English Spankers

Our Week in Spanking

I am minus a vile teenager.    She is with her Father in Spain and has been for a couple of days.  Surprisingly I really miss her.  I know she is OK as I haven’t heard from either of them since a 6am phone call from the airport because they didn’t know what they were supposed to do!  The vile one is not used to travelling without checked in luggage so wanted to queue up and the Father hasn’t been abroad in years so didn’t have a clue either.   I managed to not only get them to departures but at the right gate.

Our week without her has already been planned and starts with a visit from The London Tanner and his wonderful partner.  They will be coming up tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them.  If you follow me on Twitter or are  a member of Spanking Sarah you will know that Kod makes some fantastic Spankart.  His latest stars The London Tanner and I think it is his best ….  What do you think?  

The London Tanner gets a taste of his own medicine.

We have been rather busy this past week shooting footage for our sites.  I think I mentioned in a previous post that Sandy has made some new films for RedStripe after a two year break.  I now have some of the stills from this shoot to share with you.  Sandy was always a favourite of those of you who like a more mature lady.  Her bum is as big and bouncy as ever and marked up beautifully after Mr Stern gave her a spanking paddling and the cane.  

Coming soon to RedStripe Films the return of SpankingSandy

We love shooting brand new girls for our spanking sites so I was honoured when Ella got in touch with me recently to ask if she could make some films.  Ella is only 19 years old but has always had a love of spanking and is a true lifestyle player.  She came along on Monday and I have already booked her for next week!  I had booked the lovely Ashleigh for Monday as well and we got some great two girl films.    This was our third shoot with Ashleigh and I am sure we will be filming with her again soon.

Ella and Ashleigh coming soon SpankingSarah

On Tuesday we filmed with Honesty and fortunately we had the help of Mike.  I missed most of the filming as I was running around after the vile one who had toothache and needed an emergency dental appointment.  I managed to come back in time to do the caning.

RedStripe Films

Our last shoot of the week was with Alice Blue and her Master Sean Wolf.   We made some great films which will soon be at RedStripe.  It was great to see Sean Wolf as we hadn’t seen him for two years it is surprising how quickly time flies.

Alice Blue soon to be at RedStripe Films

I have uploaded a caning film to Sarah Spanks Men Barry Harrison wants to be cold caned, he has a need of regular painful and well administered caning’s. He knows that I will give him just what he wants. When he reported to me he was very nervous but as I made him bend over my punishment stool he was petrified. Rightly so. I intended to give young Barry a cold caning he would not forget in a hurry. I pride myself on knowing just what you men want and in being able to deliver it accurately and just as hard as you need.  

Sarah Spanks Men


The Hairbrush for Susan at RedStripe Films

It is the last day of term and the vile teen is going on holiday with her Father.  This is a first and I am hoping that all goes well ….. If it doesn’t then it will not be so easy to go and collect her from Spain.  she leaves a little later today so I need to pack her bag as if this was left to her it would be unlikely that it would get done until about five minutes before it was time to leave.  It will be nice to have some child free time but I know I am going to miss her and worry about her until she returns.   Before I pack let me just tell you about the latest film at RedStripe.    Bunty and Susan are lifestyle players and good friends with The London Tanner.  We made these films just before he moved house and had a fantastic day. 

Susan is about to learn the delights of a hairbrush spanking from her best girlfriend. A selection of brushes have been provided and it is for Bunty to decide which ones she will use on the very lovely Susan’s bare bottom. She starts off with Susan over her knee and selects a small hard-backed brush but then she has her bend over in the chair so that she can get a better swing. This is a good, long and hard hairbrushing

RedStripe Films

The Strap for School Girl Ashleigh

Mr Stern and I are certainly not getting any younger!  We have been shooting spanking films nearly everyday this week and I must confess all that spanking has left us both rather shattered!  That is despite having not  one but two male spankers lending a hand this week.  The weather has been absolutely glorious and I won’t complain about it …… apart from the fact that it makes filming indoors with all the windows and doors closed rather a sweaty business.  We do have an air con unit but the noise makes having it on impossible.  As I type Kitty is getting her rather lovely bum smacked by Sean Wolf.  Hopefully I will have some photos from all this weeks shoot to share with you later.  Next week will be spent getting all the films edited and ready for use over the Summer.  We have some exciting films coming up for our members over the next few months.

Anyway, I have taken a quick break from the filming so that I can tell you about the latest update to go live at Spanking Sarah Ashleigh made her first spanking film with us at the beginning of the year and was quite honest about her motivation …..  She wanted the money.  Ashleigh usually makes a living as a Glamour model but wanted to add ‘Spanking’ to her portfolio.  She is the first to admit that she doesn’t like getting whacked but she takes it well and has proved to be a very popular addition to our sites.   We have filmed with her on three occasions now and despite the pain she takes a good hard spanking or strapping.

Ashley has been expelled from school and finds herself in trouble at home. She has very bad attitude problems and needs her bottom warming to sort her out. She is to get the strap, first over her school knickers and then on her bare bottom as she bends over. So as to get the full bottom with the strap she then has to lay on the bed with her bottom raised as the strap falls, she does not like this punishment but has to take every stroke

Spanking Sarah