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Short Shorts Spanking at English Spankers.

At English Spankers this week.  Beauty Queen Ashleigh has invited a photographer round to take sexy pictures of her for money. Her mother returns and turfs the guy out and then has to sort out the half naked Ashleigh. She decides a good hard spanking should teach her right from wrong and so puts her over her knee and swats her bottom over her tight shorts before removing these and spanking her cheeks till they are bright red. A real good hiding but will it work. English Spankers

Another Week, and Another Three Fantastic Spanking Films

It will soon be Christmas!  Seriously, this year is absolutely whizzing by.  Since we have been back from Egypt we have not stopped.  We will soon need a holiday to get over the holiday.   I have celebrated a Birthday and Mr Stern has even found the time to have an eye operation.  As well as keeping our sites updated I have dealt with quite a few naughty boys and shot once more with the wonderful Ella Hughes.  I can’t wait to see what the edited footage will look like.  I will just say that Ella looks rather amazing in Jodhpurs.  I managed to leave my cane bag at Dodgy Daves house which is a bit of a pain as he has now left for Shadow Lane.  Fortunately I had a couple here and I have ordered some new ones.   All of our sites have been updated this week and all boast a brand spanking new full length film so without further ado let me tell you about them. At English Spankers poor Ella Hughes is getting far more than she bargained for!  Who says that it has to be guys who are pervy bosses and tutors?   I play the part of a rather sadistic Tutor who takes complete advantage of this poor innocent young girl.  I rather like taking these roles, but then again, who wouldn’t jump at the chance of playing with such a beautiful young girl like Ella?

Ella is back with the principle of her college, this wicked woman is trying to seduce this beautiful young girl and will let nothing stand in her way. After making her parade naked she bends her over a chair and hands out one of the hardest beatings with a variety of leather straps that we have shown, Ella has no choice but to take the strokes on her beautiful pert bottom and is left marked and in tears. English Spankers

The latest film for RedStripe and The Spanking Mansion is not for the light hearted.  Imogen and I have shot together on quite a few occasions and I would describe her as a good friend which is why I was able to make such a dark, hard hitting film.   Imogen cried real tears and when you watch it, you will understand why.

Imogen’s lover is now showing just how nasty and cruel she can be. Imogen refuses to continue with their relationship but because she is secured to the bed she can’t stop the painful assault on her body. She is whipped on her breasts and bottom and between her legs, she is then subjected to a hard paddling which brings her to tears. RedStripe Films
Last but by all means not least, my Spanking Sarah site has been updated with another saga from the House of Correction.   Auntie Katie has taken a break from the action and the kindly Vicar has popped along to make sure all is well. 
After being punished by Aunty Katie Amelia Jane is telling her story to the spiritual advisor for the House Of Correction, he is appalled to learn that Sophie has beaten Amelia Jane and the tricked Aunty Katie into doing the same. Sophie’s is sent for and Amelia Jane can witness her receive a bare bottom spanking and then a severe caning, the wrongs must be righted. Despite her protestations of innocence her punishment is long and hard and well deserved   Spanking Sarah


Back and Ready to Spank!

We are back.  I have had a wonderful and relaxing holiday and I am now back and itching to put my hand to good use!  I am spanking one of my regular guys a little later today and I know that those first few slaps are going to really hurt my hand!  They tend to soften up a bit when I have a break but I am sure they will soon be back to spanking normal.  We are filming with the lovely Ella Hughes again next week so I want to make sure they are up to their usual harshness for her.

Ella made her debut on English Spankers last week.  I was pretty sure that you would love her and by the increase in memberships, I guess I was right.  At the moment we are the only Spanking Producers who have been lucky enough to film with this delightful young lady.  If you have any suggestions for future filming then please let me know. 

  Ella Hughes makes her debut at English Spankers

This week we have  yet another brand spanking new lady making her debut.  Meet Honesty.  Honesty is not new to spanking but this was her very first spanking film.  We used a brand new spanker as well.  He is a switch and you will soon see him on the receiving end at Sarah Spanks men.  

New spanking model Honesty gets her first taste of a real hard spanking in this film. She has overspent her husband’s credit cards and he is going to teach her a lesson. She hopes her sexy stockings and suspender belt will put him off but no. He delivers a real hard spanking and she delivers some real tears. First ever spanking and good and hard

English Spankers

Top Models Sophie Parker and Amelia Jane Rutherford are at Spanking Sarah this week.  The trial and tribulations continue at The House of Correction.  Auntie Katie certainly knows how to deal with naughty girls but unfortunately she sometimes gets things wrong.

Amelia Jane and Sophie are at the house of correction and have been tasked with cleaning the house. Sophie refuses to do any of the cleaning and it is left to Amelia to do all the work. Aunty Katie returns and Sophie days that she has done all the work and that Amelia has broken one of Katie’s favourite ornaments. Amelia is despite her protestations to be punished. She gets the strap on her denim shorts then her bare bottom, Sophie watches and gloats  

Spanking Sarah

RedStripe Films has another naughty Housewife for you this week.  You loved seeing this ordinary lady getting spanked a few weeks ago so I know that you will enjoy watching her get the strap and paddle.  

RedStripe Films

The Paddle for Susan at RedStripe Films

Susan has come to make a spanking film but gets off on the wrong foot by lying about having made other films, her bottom is still marked. The filming has to go ahead however but instead of taking it a bit easy on a new girl Mr. Stern goes to town on her bottom with his paddle giving it one hell of a beating. Real good hard paddling film.  RedStripe Films

Pot Smoking Leads to the Paddle

Another day another great spanking update.  I really loved shooting with Jadie Reece earlier this year.  It was the first time I had filmed with her but  hopefully it won’t be the last.   Once I am back from my holiday I can get in touch and see if we can sort out a future shooting date.

Jadie is at home smoking her shish pipe when Sarah returns. A swift examination reveals that it is an illegal substance being smoked, Sarah is far from happy with this and decides that Jadie has to be punished. She finds her heaviest leather paddle and goes to work on the bare bottom of this young lady giving her one of the hardest paddling’s she has ever handed out. Spanking Sarah