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Bonnie May Spanked in Jeans

I haven’t stopped since my return from Spain.  I have had several sessions and spent today filming for SarahSpanksMen.   It was a welcome return to the site for ‘Nathan’  He filmed with me about eighteen months ago and at that time played the part of ‘Fred’ the bad banker.   This time he played my Husband who I caught sneaking out to a fetish club.   I always let the guys I shoot with decide what type of scenario we role play, unless they have been sent along for discipline.

Coming soon to Sarah Spanks Men

Bonnie May is at  SpankingSarah site this week.  I love shooting with this girl.  Bonnie May had never been spanked before she came along to see me and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if she would ever come back.  I was rather pleased when she got back in touch for to arrange another shoot.  She arrived wearing some rather nice tight jeans and her bottom looked so good that I decided to spank her in them.  The beautiful Bonnie May back on my site, after the whacking I gave her last time I never thought she would want to make another spanking film but! She actually loved it and in this film she is a naughty young girl who tries to sell off her Family collection of antiques but gets caught out just in time. The punishment is to be quite severe starting with an over the knee spanking over her tight blue jeans but these have to come down. Her pert bottom is high in the air and soon turns a lovely shade of red under my hard hand  

Spanking Sarah

Lady of Leisure Caned at English Spankers

It has been a while.  We have had a lovely time but we are now back in the cold.  The weather is not usually fantastic in Spain in February so we were incredibly fortunate that nearly every day was hot enough to sunbathe.   At the moment we will be spending our time between Countries to make sure we do not fall foul of the ridiculous UK laws.   Once our Daughter has finished her qualifications then we will leave the UK for good.  We will probably still need to come back to film as I am pretty sure that Great Britain has the very best ladies.

Zanda Lee is one such lady.  She is a more mature model who can take a good spanking and caning as the latest film at English Spankers clearly shows.  I am sure her marks would be classed as more than ‘trifling and transient’  After the beating with a riding crop just handed out by this irate wife you would think she would be satisfied but no. She intends to go much further. She produces a cane, thin and whippy and this she informs the luckless Zandia is to be used on her bottom right here and now. She bends over and you can see the fear as she waits for the first stinging strokes from the cane.

English Spankers

Cross Dresser Paddled

It always seems strange to be writing so far in advance.  This post will be going up the day before I return, since I haven’t actually left yet it feels almost like I am wishing my life away.  I have quite a few shoots lined up for the week I return.  I have (or will) be taking my diary out with me so I can ensure I keep up to date with sessions and shoots.  Although it is not a holiday I am hoping we get some down time whilst we are away.

At Sarah Spanks Men  Tony has admitted to his Wife that he just cannot stop wearing her undies.  He has tried to curb the urge but it is to strong.  A compromise is met.  He can wear it but must be punished.


SchoolGirl Jackie paddled outside

This post originally went up a week too early.  I had got the updates mixed up.  Fortunately I had a chance to amend it

At RedStripe Films we have the second part of Jackie’s punishment.   This is a classic film which has been remastered and reposted by popular request.  Jackie has already been spanked outside by the HeadMaster and now her ordeal is about to get worse.  The poor girl is bent over and given a dose of the heavy leather spanking paddle.

RedStripe Films  

Stable Girl Punished at Spanking Sarah

If all has gone to plan we should be in Spain.  We will have internet but I thought that as we had to spend so much time uploading films that I would try and get ahead with our blogs.  The UK Law is rather ridiculous but as the petition to change it seems to have come to a stand still we will continue to commute between the two Countries.  Once our Daughter is no longer in full time education than we will leave the UK for good.

We were the first Producers to film with the Ella Hughes and we loved shooting with her.  Her glamour career has really taken off now which means she cannot be as marked as she was when we made our films.   Fortunately we shot a lot of content so will be able to show Ella getting real punishments for some time to come.

Ella Hughes works weekends in the local riding stables unfortunately she smokes at work, strictly against health and safety rules. She is caught out by the stable mistress and has to face the usual punishment for stable girls. Over a bale of hay and cropped first on her jodhpurs and then on her bare bottom. A nasty punishment for a young lady to receive

Spanking Sarah