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It is Christmas!

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Especially here at Strand Productions.  There may not have been any snow but there was certainly a lot of Ho, ho, ho ing going on.  Every year we produce and film a brand spanking new Christmas film and release it for absolutely free over the festive period.  It is our way of giving just a little something back.  |We know that times are hard and a spanking membership may be quite a long way down the list of priorities at Christmas time but that does not mean you don’t want to watch a great film packed with festive cheer and a lot of spanks.   For one week the Free Christmas Films (yes, there are two this year)  will be available for download to absolutely everyone.   Filming took place yesterday and I was pleased that for the second year running we were joined by the world famous London Tanner and his fantastic partner OnlyRealPrincess.   The wonderful Imogen D’arcy and Kodders were also in attendance and we produced some truly amazing content.   I have included some photos of the shoot and also some from a shoot we did the day before with a brand new but rather yummy girl called Bonnie.

Coming soon to our great sites.

I will be back tomorrow (I hope) to let you know about the latest films available at Spanking Sarah and RedStripe Films

Ella Hughes and The Sexy Cleaning Company

A quick post in advance.  We (hopefully) will be busy filming with another new spankee this morning.   I am often asked just how we manage to bring you so many brand spanking new models as we do seem to be the very best at finding lovely girls.   Many of them then go on to film with the other Producers and I often say that if you start with the very best you can then go on to film with the rest.   Let us be honest,  I am known for being a very hard spanker so I guess once you have managed to be punished by my good self you know that you can take on anything.

Ella Hughes started her spanking career with us and we do have quite a few wonderful films showing this sexy young lady and this one is quite exceptional.   So new to English Spankers this week  Ella Hughes has just had her first interview for the sexy cleaning company which resulted in a spanked bottom. She now has to audition first client and this very strict lady has her own ideas on punishment.  Ella has to change into some sexy clothes and then placed in the diaper position she is spanked and then beaten with a selection of nasty wooden rulers. Then bent over in the traditional position she gets some real hard strokes.

English Spankers

The Cane for the Office Pest.

It is going to be a really busy week.  We are filming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday plus I have sessions booked for Friday.  I took today off…..  Well, if you call spending the day ferrying people around, shopping, cleaning, cooking and blogging a day off.  Anyway, I am sure none of you are here to hear about my domestic duties.  You want the spankings?  Here is the latest update at SarahSpanksMen

I really enjoyed paddling Paul’s bare bottom, he deserved it for looking up the girls skirts as they worked in the office but now I really was going to have my fun with him. I summoned him to my home and told him that if he wanted to keep his job he was to let me beat him whenever I fancied. He did not like that idea but I can be very persuasive and soon had him bending over as I swished his bottom with my favourite cane. Oh what fun  

Sarah Spanks Men

It’s been a while …..

It is not often that I do not update the blog with news of what we at Strand Productions have been up to.  However busy I am I do try and at least show you some photos of our most recent updates.  This week this has gone totally by the wayside.    I could bore you with the reasons why and I must confess, several times began to but the truth of the matter is that sharing will not help or change anything and let us be honest, you are here for the spankings not for my semi literate ramblings.   So without further ado here is a quick round up of what has become available at our fantastic spanking sites this week. Two of my favourite people at Spanking Sarah this week.   Amelia Jane Rutherford and The London Tanner   This is a hard spanking film but is also quite funny.  The London Tanner has found rather a good way of getting girls to let him spank them and Amelia is a victim of her own greed.  The London Tanner has worked out an amazing scam to get young ladies to willingly agree to be spanked by him. Amelia Jane Rutherford fell for his plot and is now on her second day in his house where she thinks she may learn something to her benefit. The Tanner though has different idea when he enters her bedroom in the morning carrying his prized razor strop. This he intends to put to good use on the very lovely bottom of Amelia, she is not too keen on this idea but has come this far and so succumbs to his charm and bares her bottom  

Spanking Sarah Alice Blue is at RedStripe Films this week being a very naughty girl indeed.  Alice is caught by her landlord naked and playing with herself in his conservatory just where anyone passing could see her. He is not best pleased and decides she needs to be taught a lesson. Taking her over is knee he paddles her bottom with a stout leather paddle then makes her kneel in the chair so that he can get a better swing. A real good hard paddling.  RedStripe Films

Pupil Teacher gets the Paddle at English Spankers

A post in advance.  It is a really busy week here at Strand.  I am in session most of today and tomorrow and then we will be shooting on Thursday.  The week is almost over before it has even began!  This year has gone by so very quickly.  The only consolation is that with every passing week the vile teenager is getting older and (hopefully) less vile.   We will be filming our free Christmas video next week.   I hate it when the clocks change at this time of the year and the nights get so much darker but at least this gives me something to look forward to.

We filmed recently with Zanda Lee.  Like so many we shoot with, she had never been spanked on film before.  Zanda lee has proven to be very popular with our members and I think I know why.  As a more mature but beautiful woman she has a real sex appeal.    When I first decided to make a spanking film I was shocked to realise that so many spank sites do not shoot with ladies over the age of thirty.  When I opened Spanking Sarah I wanted to shoot films with real women.  Women come in all shapes and sizes and do not all of a sudden become unattractive when they reach a certain age or weight.  I am proud to be one of the few Spanking Producers who can say that I consistently film with ladies and Gents over a vast age range and I will continue to do so. 

At English Spankers  Zanda Lee is the pupil mistress at the end of her first year of training and now she needs to learn how to administer punishment to the pupils. The headmaster has a unique way of teaching this art, he upends the young teacher and with great gusto paddles he bare bottom. She had thought to make him happy by wearing her old school uniform but this just ensured she received a longer and harder paddling

English Spankers