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It’s been a while …..

It is not often that I do not update the blog with news of what we at Strand Productions have been up to.  However busy I am I do try and at least show you some photos of our most recent updates.  This week this has gone totally by the wayside.    I could bore you with the reasons why and I must confess, several times began to but the truth of the matter is that sharing will not help or change anything and let us be honest, you are here for the spankings not for my semi literate ramblings.   So without further ado here is a quick round up of what has become available at our fantastic spanking sites this week. Two of my favourite people at Spanking Sarah this week.   Amelia Jane Rutherford and The London Tanner   This is a hard spanking film but is also quite funny.  The London Tanner has found rather a good way of getting girls to let him spank them and Amelia is a victim of her own greed.  The London Tanner has worked out an amazing scam to get young ladies to willingly agree to be spanked by him. Amelia Jane Rutherford fell for his plot and is now on her second day in his house where she thinks she may learn something to her benefit. The Tanner though has different idea when he enters her bedroom in the morning carrying his prized razor strop. This he intends to put to good use on the very lovely bottom of Amelia, she is not too keen on this idea but has come this far and so succumbs to his charm and bares her bottom  

Spanking Sarah Alice Blue is at RedStripe Films this week being a very naughty girl indeed.  Alice is caught by her landlord naked and playing with herself in his conservatory just where anyone passing could see her. He is not best pleased and decides she needs to be taught a lesson. Taking her over is knee he paddles her bottom with a stout leather paddle then makes her kneel in the chair so that he can get a better swing. A real good hard paddling.  RedStripe Films

Pupil Teacher gets the Paddle at English Spankers

A post in advance.  It is a really busy week here at Strand.  I am in session most of today and tomorrow and then we will be shooting on Thursday.  The week is almost over before it has even began!  This year has gone by so very quickly.  The only consolation is that with every passing week the vile teenager is getting older and (hopefully) less vile.   We will be filming our free Christmas video next week.   I hate it when the clocks change at this time of the year and the nights get so much darker but at least this gives me something to look forward to.

We filmed recently with Zanda Lee.  Like so many we shoot with, she had never been spanked on film before.  Zanda lee has proven to be very popular with our members and I think I know why.  As a more mature but beautiful woman she has a real sex appeal.    When I first decided to make a spanking film I was shocked to realise that so many spank sites do not shoot with ladies over the age of thirty.  When I opened Spanking Sarah I wanted to shoot films with real women.  Women come in all shapes and sizes and do not all of a sudden become unattractive when they reach a certain age or weight.  I am proud to be one of the few Spanking Producers who can say that I consistently film with ladies and Gents over a vast age range and I will continue to do so. 

At English Spankers  Zanda Lee is the pupil mistress at the end of her first year of training and now she needs to learn how to administer punishment to the pupils. The headmaster has a unique way of teaching this art, he upends the young teacher and with great gusto paddles he bare bottom. She had thought to make him happy by wearing her old school uniform but this just ensured she received a longer and harder paddling

English Spankers


The best things in life are free……

I do wonder about that saying ….. Are they really?   There is not many things without cost these days, there is usually some sort of catch somewhere along the line.  Free does not always necessarily mean free.  Well, I can’t speak for others but I can say that at Strand Productions when we say that something is free then it really truly is.  Every year as a special Thank you to our members past and present we produce a full length spanking film which we release to absolutely everybody over Christmas week.     We know not everyone can afford to join a spanking website, or if they can that they cannot be a continuous member especially at such a stressful and expensive time of year.  It is our way of giving something back to the spanking community.   This year is slightly different.  We will not be producing one Christmas Movie……..We will be producing two!  Sarah Spanks Men was launched a few months ago and is going from strength to strength.  We will therefore be making a F/M Christmas movie as well. 

The 2013 Christmas Film

These films are always great fun to make.  This year I am really pleased to announce that we will once more be joined by The London Tanner as Father Christmas.  I am rather hoping that his lovely partner will make her online debut as well but as she is rather shy this is not guaranteed.   My collared sub Kod will also be making his debut and we will be joined by the very talented and rather wonderful Imogen D’Arcy as well.   Christmas is a time for giving and this will be our gift to you.

Naughty Choir Boy Caned at Sarah Spanks Men

Another day, another spanking site to update.  We are now releasing FOUR full films each week and let me tell you, it means one hell of a lot of filming!  We have three film shoots booked next week so I need to think of some more storylines.  I know some of you just like to see the spanking but  I do like a bit of a storyline,  a reason for the spanking.   Now, of course we all know it is fantasy …… At least, I hope we know it is all fantasy but I do know that quite a few of the people we shoot with also prefer to ‘get into’ their role and really embrace the role they are playing.   I often ask our spankees both male and female to share any story ideas with me.  The reasons?  Well, one of them is so that storylines do not become ‘stale’   There are only so many reasons one person can think up for another to get spanked but the main reason is so that the person playing the part is comfortable with what they are doing and enjoying themselves  (if enjoying is the right word to use)  

The latest film at Sarah Spanks Men was shot over a year ago.   I can’t believe just how much I have changed in one year.   I had to put my original plans to launch the site on hold when I had a huge change in my personal circumstances which is why filming went on hold for so long.  It is all back on track now and I am really pleased at just how well this site is doing.  This is the last part of my punishment of a very naughty choir boy, he stole from the church and I have already punished him once in an earlier film. I unlike the vicar do not believe in forgiveness, not without a lot of pain first and so Michael is going to feel what is like to lay on the kitchen table and take a long and careful caning from me. It’s not nice I can tell you, so can Michael

Sarah Spanks Men

Wynter Skye gets the Paddle

It is sometimes very hard to be two people.  Rightly or wrongly I try and keep the spanking part of my life separate from the rest of it.  I know that some people do not agree with that and feel that I should not be ashamed of what I am and embrace it and that is all very well and good for them.  The sad fact remains that people will judge me, perhaps hate me and more importantly, the  lives of my children may well be affected which most certainly is not fair.  I know all this and I live with it and I think I do a good job about separating the two but occasionally, just every now and then I am so proud of something that I want to share it with the World!  Today is one of those days.

As most of you know, I have three not so little ones.  As most of you will not know, one of them has ADHD.  When he was about Seven a very ignorant teacher at his school refused to let him audition for a main part in the play.  Her reasoning?  People with ADHD could not be trusted.  He wanted to be the Mad Hatter, she wanted him to be a card!!   She said this loudly in front of about hundred kids and in doing do she broke my little boys heart.  I will be honest with you, I wanted to kill her!  I settled for ensuring the school sent her on a disability awareness scheme before she was ever allowed anywhere near another child again.   Well, that little boy with ADHD passed all his GCSE exams and is in the middle of doing his A Levels, he runs his own little online business and he is in profit plus he recently appeared in a Christmas advert.  Now, that is what I wanted to share, the link to my lad.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not a huge part but he is age Seventeen on TV and I am proud.   I have rang nearly everyone I know,  I have put it on my real facebook and I would love to share it with all of you, but I can’t.  If you know me and want to see it, please email me and I will gladly bore you with the link

Anyway, now onto what you came for new update at RedStripe Films This is the first of our season of classic films, all asked for by our members. Some will have been on the site a number of years ago but most will be from other top spanking sites. For the first film we have picked a lady who is just one of the prettiest and most responsive of all the great British spanking models, Wynter. She has made soma amazing films over many years and we do have a number of them already on our various sites but we hope you enjoy this.

RedStripe films