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It’s Curtains for Kod and many other Spanking Exploits

Poor Kod.  Tomorrow he will meet his maker …..  Well, he might actually be wishing it to be for he is actually meeting somebody far worse!  The day of reckoning is almost upon him.  Kod is due to pay dearly for each and everyone of his numerous transgressions.  I did start writing them all in a black book but I ran out of pages, then I ran out of ink and then I ran out of patience and realised that he had done so many things wrong that the easiest thing in the world to do would be to just beat and torment him profusely.  I am so looking forward to him doing his ‘Dad dance’ again.    I will let him live……  Only really so that I can torment him again on another day oh, and because he brings lovely chocolate.  Talking of chocolate a very fat and greedy dog I know managed to steal and eat a whole bar of it yesterday!  How she is not ill I do not know.  Mr Stern has been told now that it has to be locked away to prevent Evie from helping herself when she is left home alone.  Perhaps when we get our new cat she will lose some weight by chasing it around the house. 

When I said ‘many other spanking exploits’ that may have been a slight exaggeration. ….  I am going to tell you about two.  But, they are both absolutely amazing.  If you don’t want to buy monthly memberships both are available to buy from our clips4sale store.  I always put these films out at the lowest price allowable.

If I start with the latest update at Spanking Sarah.  I love Zanda Lee.  She had never been caned before and was rather nervous about this.  She did ask me to go gently!  Both Mr Stern and I laughed when she asked this!  Was I gentle?  Of course not.  If someone is going to be caned then they need to be able to feel it.  The strokes were measured and hard and left some wonderful welts.  Zanda Lee was in tears at the end of this film but she has forgiven me!  In fact we recently filmed with her again.

Zandia has been well spanked and paddled by her boss for taking money from the petty cash. He has left Sarah to give her a real punishment. After a short discussion Sarah decides that this lady needs to learn a real hard lesson and decides to cane her. She is bent over the office desk for a long and hard application of the senior cane to her bare bottom   Spanking Sarah

At RedStripe films we have a real life style player Alice Blue and her Master Sean Wolf.  We have  known Sean for some years and have filmed him with many of his submissives and slaves.  Despite not being into the actual BDSM scene myself I can see that Alice and Sean havea natural dynamic and that she adores being able to serve him. 

Alice really did like her spanking and wants to go a stage further and try to take the leather paddle. It is explained to her that this will be considerably more painful than a hand spanking but she is all ready to try it. She starts off bent over the table, and the exposed bottom gets a good hard paddling. Next she has to get on the table in the diaper position and this really does cause her to think as she gets her swats.  

RedStripe Films

The Razor Strop for Ella Hughes

It is hard to believe that this time last week I was still in Spain.  The weather was absolutely scorching hot and I was probably wandering around in my shorts.  Needless to say I am not wearing them today.  Evie and I got absolutely soaked on our morning walk and are both still recovering.  I am freezing!  I have the heating on full blast and I will confess to feeling a tad sorry for myself.  If like me you are a bit blue then may I suggest you watch our latest film just released at English Spankers

Young Ella Hughes has been caught stealing fruit from the orchard, the gardener takes her to see his mistress who is a particularly nasty individual. She berates Ella and almost has her in tears. She then sends for her father’s old razor strop and tells her she will be getting this. She then hands out a ferocious beating to Ella’s bare bottom, one of the hardest we have featured. A film not to be missed. English Spankers

Zoe makes her Spanking Debut at RedStripe Films

We have almost caught up!  Well, at least I think we have.  I was going to spend the morning seeing if other lovely sites wanted to do a banner link exchange with my new SarahSpanksMen Site.  I then realised that I hadn’t made a links page for it yet!  Whilst I am at it I am going to add a wish list for all of you wonderful people who like to buy me presents.   This will happen at some stage this week (hopefully)  The week is already pretty well planned out with lots of 121 sessions plus a filming shoot.  The vile teen announced she had the day off school this week for academic review day fortunately it falls on our shoot date and we are not filming at home.  I need to pay more attention to the letters she leaves in the bottom of her school bag instead of handing to me.

We have another new girl making her spanking debut this week at RedStripe Films.  Zoe is a lifestyle player and she tells us quite honestly about her spanking life.  Zoe is a young lady who got into the spanking scene when one of her boyfriends put her over the knee and spanked her before having sex with her. She discovered that she rather liked it and wanted to take her experiences a bit further and we were pleased to help her. After telling us about her first time she went over the knee for a real hard spanking that left some rather red and painful looking marks on her bottom  

RedStripe Films

New Update at Sarah Spanks Men

I am cold!  I took the dog out earlier wearing my wellington boots and a winter coat I met one of my friends who was wearing a t shirt!  I could not believe it.  I guess the hot weather we have had in Spain has spoilt me.  I do not like the cold.  If it wasn’t for the vile teen I would be packing my canes and moving to warmer climes.   I have my days a little messed up, the vile teen was almost woken up this morning at 7am for school.  Both Mr Stern and I are treating this weekend as work days as we have so much to catch up with.   Todays post will be short and sweet.

I have just updated my SarahSpanksMen site.  I have already spanked Tony at the request of his wife, he was caught wanking in her undies. I did not think he was showing sufficient contrition and have decided to extend his punishment. I have a very heavy paddle and this was just perfect for his bottom, he did not agree with me but that did not stop me paddling him and hard.  I made some new films with Tony yesterday so expect to see more of this great guy on site.  If you would like to appear on SarahSpanksMen then get in touch but bear in mind you have to be happy to show your face.  

Sarah Spanks Men

Lola Marie gets tied up and Jess appears at both sites

We have spent the last eight days in Spain at The World Spain Party the weather has been glorious and it has been great to meet with many friends old and new who enjoy our great kink.  On the downside the vile teen choose our time away to go AWOL and we had a sleepless night with no idea of her whereabouts.  Fortunately she turned up rather sheepishly at 5am in the morning which was after the police had been called.   I can only imagine the panic she felt when she saw the hundreds of missed calls and texts!  We have all been there, she told the people she was staying with that she would be sleeping at her friends and vice versa.   They then went to a party.  I think I can honestly say she didn’t realise just how much worry she caused but I can’t wait for her to grow up and have some vile teens of her own.  We have also been hit quite harshly by piracy whilst away and I must thank both Triple A Spanking and Northern Spanking for issuing notices for me.  I know I have said it before but please, please, please pay for your spanking porn. 

Mr Stern and I have made a slight error with our scheduling this week – we both have the lovely Jess appearing on our sites!  We rarely make mistakes and usually discuss which content we are going to use but I guess we cannot always be perfect.   These films were actually made around six months apart! Lovers of Jess will be happy and she does appear with another girl in both films.

At English Spankers  Au Pairs Jess and Amelia Jane are now awaiting the promised continuation of their punishment for drinking and neglecting the children. Mrs. Stern produces a nasty leather strap and after a few exploratory whacks on various hands she proceeds to leather poor Jess’s bottom till it is black and blue. The poor girl is close to tears before the beating stops and Amelia looks on horrified at the treatment given to her friend.  

English Spankers

At Spanking Sarah  Another day at the house of correction and Jess has convinced Lola Marie that Katie wants her tied up ready for punishment. Lola is suspicious but lest Jess tie her. When Katie sees what is going on she decides that Jess is behind this and she has to be punished. First over her tight shorts and then on the bare bottom with a leather paddle. What will become of Lola Marie?  

Spanking Sarah

Last but by all means not least my SarahSpanksMen site has a couple of new films on it.  Fans of caning will love ‘Caned for cheating on my Sister’  I would actually really love to get hold of my Sisters cheating ex ….  She gave him twenty years and two kids and he won’t even pay for them!  Still, karma will get him one day (I hope)  Just when he thought it was over the pain started again. I was not going to let this cheater get away with just a good paddling however hard it may have been and despite his tears. Out came my canes, I started with a thin whippy one but then worked up to a heavy full size dragon cane and boy did I give it to him. I hope he feels this for days to come.

. Sarah Spanks Men