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I spent a lot of time on Monday writing and scheduling blog posts.  I did this because I knew I would not have the time to do them later in the week.  Imagine my dismay when I noticed today that none of them had posted!  No idea why ….. I could blame Kodders but that would not be strictly true ….. In saying that he should have noticed that I hadn’t publically blogged all week and mentioned it.   Anyway, that aside, we had a great shoot today with spanking newbie Victoria.  She had never ever been spanked before but took to it like a duck to water.

I make no secret of the fact that I don’t want my sites to look like everybody else’s.    I have always strived to be different.  I love the buzz of finding a new spanking model.  I am a bit like the fairy princesses in that respect, I kiss a lot of frog before I find my Prince.  I take the chances that the other Producers don’t and work with girls who have never ever been spanked and boy, do I spank them!   Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t…. today it did.  Please let me welcome our latest addition Victoria.  

Coming soon to Spanking Sarah and English Spankers


Breast and Bottom Paddling for Grace

If all is going to plan then we should be filming with another new girl today.   Hopefully there have not been any last minute hitches.  This is another young lady who wants to give spanking a go.  Who knows whether or not she will be able to cope with being over my knee and getting her bare bottom spanked by my hard hand? Let alone trying implements for the very first time.  A first caning is always a very painful experience and leaves some really delightful welts on the bottom.  If all goes well then I will post up some photos either later this week (after all it is only Monday whilst I am writing this)  or at the beginning of next.  Grace had never made a film before she came along to us, she was however very much into the spanking scene and told us all about a particular type of spanking that she wanted to do.

Grace has been punished by Mr. Stern who instructed her husband on the best methods of discipline but it seems that Grace wants more discipline than he is giving her. She decides to take matters into her own hands and give her tits and bottom a good hard paddling. Her husband catches her doing this and gets the message, he then gives her the punishment she wants.   RedStripe Films

Ella Hughes. Party Girl Punished

You’ve guessed it, it is still Monday and I am still not liking Mondays.  I don’t think I will shoot the whole day down but if I am ever elected (unlikely as I haven’t even nominated myself)  I would declare each and every Monday to be a public holiday.  In saying that, I guess we would then all hate Tuesdays …..  Also, can you imagine someone like myself being in charge of the Country?  There would certainly be a reversal on some of their latest laws.  In fact, I think I would make spanking a national sport!

Anyway, according to the blog it is Wednesday not Monday (No wonder my life seems to pass before my eyes)  Spanking Sarah has a great Ella Hughes film for you this week.  I knew that this young lady was incredibly special from the very first film we made with her and I knew that her career would take off in a big way.  Ella Hughes loves being spanked but is now unable to take the harsh punishments I used to give her because the marks would get in the way of her other modelling jobs.  You may see this lovely girl at other sites but you will never see her take the types of beating I used to give her.  Fortunately we filmed quite a lot with her in the early days and can still share these hard hitting films with you. 

Ella Hughes has had a party at her house and a man ended up in her bed, now she must tell the truth and pay the price. I am not at all convinced by her excuses and decide that if she is going to act like a silly young girl she will be punished that way. I make her strip and then put on an old fashioned school tunic before taking her over my knees for the hardest bare spanking she has ever had. Her tears don’t stop me till I have completed the punishment. Spanking Sarah

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays …..

Well, it maybe part of the reason I am not all that keen on them is because it means that the weekend is well and truly over.   Cruelly my not so little daughter has to be in school by 8am which in itself is pretty barbaric!  You have to remember that left to her own devices she would probably wake up at around 11am…  This means that by the time she has been driven to school their has usually been tears (mine) shouts and screams (hers) and the day just starts on a rather bad note.   I also try to update all the blogs on a Monday – I know that it is doubtful that I will have time to do them on a daily basis.  I usually also session which obviously I enjoy but all in all Monday is a long and busy day and today has been no exception.  Which is why at 5pm I am writing blogs for this week.  Mr Stern is still beavering away editing films in the office but will pack up soon and kindly cook dinner so that I can get everything I need to done.

So, despite it only being Monday (A day I don’t like very much)  This will be published on Tuesday.  We update English Spankers on a Tuesday so there is no prize for guessing the subject matter of todays blog.   We have used a different camera to film this and I am interested to know what you think.  I was certainly very impressed with the results.

Tony wants to try his hand at spanking a lovely young bottom so he hires a lady who does this sort of thing to come to him and be spanked. Jess arrives dressed in the sexiest maids outfit and is soon over his knee getting a real good bare bottom spanking. This is from our new HAND MADE FILMS series where we take you right into the heart of the action for amazing close up and true unedited action. English Spankers

Is it Curtains for Kodders?

I bet poor old Kodders got a shock when he saw that heading?  Let me put his mind at rest, for as long as he wants to make them I am happy for him to star in as many spanking films as he would like to.  The only curtains for Kodders will be the ones he has on his living room windows!  In saying that, he did let a light fall on my head the other day.  He didn’t warn me and then laughed at my pain.  I have made a note and will be dealing with this soon. 

At Sarah Spanks Men this week It seems that Junior doctor Kodders can do nothing right. Sister Stern and nurse Portia have decided that he needs to be taught something of a lesson. A double session of paddling on the bare bottom is, he is informed the usual way that nurses deal with cheeky new doctors. He has to bend over and submit to this humiliating punishment from two very happy nurses