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Meet the new Uk Spankees

Today will be mostly spent going up and down the motorway.  Fingers crossed it will not be spent at a standstill upon it.  I have written this post in advance because I just know I won’t have time on the day to do it and I have missed a day or two this week already.  Apologies to any sites which have updated today and I have missed.   It seems the recession may have helped our spanking kink a little,  more and more girls who previously did glamour or sex are finding it harder to get work and are more open to trying something a little different.  Hence the influx of new girls on the spanking scene.  Some of these lovely ladies will make one or two films but others find they really enjoy being spanked, strapped, paddled and caned.  Who knows which ones will stand the test of time?

Next week I will be showcasing the sexy Kiki at Spanking Sarah    We filmed with this young lady when we were away last week and I loved her so much that I got her back for some more filming straight away.  This is one girl who has it all.  She is beautiful, sexy and has  a fantastic body, the ability to act, and she can take a good hard whacking.  Please welcome Kiki.  I am sure you will be seeing much more of this young lady over the next few months.

.   . A Haybarn spanking for Kiki at Spanking Sarah

This week saw Finnish glamour girl Tiina try spanking for the very first time.  This beautiful young lady made her debut at English Spankers .

Tiina strapped for cash at English Spankers

A new film and a new girl at Sound Punishment.  The new Government work experience scheme sends Chloe Rogers to the local lapdance club for an interview. Things do not turn out the way she expects and she is soon over the knee of the proprietor for a ‘discipline acceptance test’. Bare bottomed she is made to perform until he is satisfied with her pole performance. Now, I have had to grab these pictures from the film so the quality is not the best

Chloe spanked for the first time at Sound Punishment

Meet Sami, the latest addition to Real Life Spankings.  She had her first spanking from Mike a few days ago and now she is going to get the paddle

Sami paddled at Real Life Spankings

I don’t have membership at Triple A Spanking at the moment, you can’t join them all can you?  But I think the latest update is a photoset.  If I am wrong, it has been known then I am sure Chief will tell me and I will stand corrected.  Anyway, welcome Mishka to Triple A Spanking.  From these photos she does look rather naughty doesn’t she?

Mishka new to Triple A Spanking


1 comment to Meet the new Uk Spankees

  • tim

    Sarah young Kiki looks a little cutie girl, Tina got big spanks from sir she is cute .The pics you showed of Mishka are photos but there are going to be vids soon ,love and spanks,Timxx

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