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Emma and Taylor make their spanking film debuts at Triple A Spanking

I am going to start putting the dogs food on the birds table.  That way I know for sure she will steal it, eat it as quickly as possible and not just sniff it, poke her nose in the air and walk away in the hope that us silly humans will give her something different/better.  Our dog is a rescue dog and when she first entered our home she was afraid of her own shadow.  Now, just a few short months later she has Mr Stern and I running around in circles to cater for her every whim.  She is at the moment sitting next to me on the sofa (the sofa we said we would not have any dogs on) occasionally knocking into my mouse so that I stop and stroke her. 

At Triple A this week we have Emma and Taylor making their spanking film debut.  Both are lifestylers but believe me, that first time on camera can be bloody scary!  I know we all make it look simple, but that is because we are so used to it.  Here is what Mr Osbourne has to say about this short film. You will have seen both Taylor and Emma in some of our films already, but this rather nervous introduction was something we were not sure about whether to show or not. But we decided to as you will see 2 very genuine lifestylers caught on camera for the very first time – on film – so it is a rather unique event for them and we hope this comes across to you, as it is quite endearing! It’s a short film and it took several “takes” for the introduction as the bright lights and cameras can sometimes be quite intimidating if you’re not used to it as these ladies found out.  

Taylor and Emma make their film debut at Triple A Spanking

At Firm Hand Spanking the new updates are as follows Will 165 smacks with Mr Anderson’s hand and a kitchen spatula help remind pretty Belinda Lawson that lying is a bad trait? School skirt up and panties down, she bends over a kitchen counter to learn the hard way, with a well-deserved spanking in End of Term.

Belinda Lawson spanked at Firm Hand Spanking

Threatening another cadet at a naval academy gets classy Adrienne Black a 20-stroke strapping.After her uniform jacket and skirt come off, we don’t have long to wait until her panties flutter down her long legs and bare cheeks feel the leather strap of authority from Captain Reed.  

Adrienne Black strapped at Firm Hand Spanking

What do you do when motor mouth Allaura Shane won’t shut up? Alison Miller has the answer. Stuff an apple in her mouth and use a wooden paddle across her bare booty – hard! Having uninvited guests to Alison’s house earns a solid 10-swat paddling to burn Allaura’s bottom.  

Allaura gets the paddle at Firm Hand Spanking

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