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The Slipper for Sally at English Spankers

Very late with my blog post today, the reason?  Summer has finally reared its head and so after an early morning 121 session with a lovely Gentleman  I decided to give myself the rest of the day off and enjoy the sunshine.  I had almost forgotten what it looked and felt like so I have had a very lazy day laying out in the garden.   I am keen to make sure I do not miss the odd brief days which may make up our British Summer.

At English Spankers this week poor Sally gets a good hard dose of the slipper from yours truly.  This schoolgirl knows that if she gets spanked at school then she will be dealt with far more harshly at home.  She is placed in the embarrassing diaper position for this nasty punishment.…

Sally spanked and slippered at English Spankers

At Bars and Stripes  A unique situation arises in The Prison with the arrival of Byrne, she just happens to be the real life sister of a new guard Zoe Harrison! Not having seen each other for over 3 years, the encounter is quite a shock for them both, Byrne being the black sheep of the family and Harrison, a career girl. There is a conflict; The Prison authorities do not know of the sibling connection, and Harrison is tasked to get information on an inmate from her sister. This gives rise to Harrison being forced to strip, spank and beat her own sister for fear of losing her job and wanting to gain favour in The Governor’s eyes. A truly unique story unfolds, how will each react to the other…?

Sisters at Bars and Stripes

I haven’t been over to Cutiespankee for a while.  If you like young Japenese Girls getting spanked by older Japenese ladies then this is the site for you.  This week we see a young housemaid knelt on the chair for the slipper.

Cutie Spankee

To finish a sneak peek at what will be available at my site in the morning.  We are back at Unladylike Manor and Janna has come along to audition for the Housekeepers job

Coming soon to Spanking Sarah



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