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Kiki Devine Spanked in her Pyjamas and other spanking updates

The sun seems to be trying to make an appearance this morning,  could this be the start of Summer?  If I believe the newspapers (a very foolish thing to do) then Summer will not be here until September!  I do think that the Stern one and I will be packing up and moving somewhere sunny in a year or two.  I absolutely hate this cold weather.  We just need to wait for the not so little ones to be not so little.  I am at the moment playing taxi cab to the broken footed one.  He is going to attempt work this morning so will need a lift to the railway station.

Good news for fans of Spanked in Uniform.  The site is back up and running.  I expect Mike is rather relieved and I know he has taken steps to ensure that it will not (as far as he can forsee) happen again.

English Spankers will be updated a little later today and fans of pyjama spankings will be pleased to see young Kiki over Uncle Pauls knee.  She does look rather fetching in her silk jim jams and as she has made the decision to know only get spanked by girls, this is one of the few M/F films you will see made by her.  We upload the whole film and a picture gallery every week.  You can see some of the gallery by clicking here and a free preview clip here.

Kiki joins the pyjama spanking club at English Spankers

Lovers of the more mature ladies getting their ample bottoms punished will love the latest film at Punishment Films.  Val and Suzanne need to be taught a lesson. Both ladies are given a real hard thrashing on their big firm bare bottoms. They are both paddled,cropped and caned

Punishment Films Val and Suzanne teased and caned

At Punished Brats The sting and burn from the wooden paddle is intense and Joelle holds on with all her might hoping her punishment will soon be over.

Punished Brats Joelle gets the wooden paddle

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