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The Cane for Suzie Smart and other Spanking Updates

We had a great shoot with the lovely and talented Leia Ann Woods yesterday and made some great films for the Spanking Sarah site.  Leia Ann and I had agreed on a cracking storyline which I won’t spoil for you, but let me just say that it is far from over ……….  Here are some pictures to tease you with.

Leia Ann Woods coming soon to Spanking Sarah

At English Spankers this week Mrs. Smart has just witnessed the harsh punishment of her daughter and now she is told she will be subjected to the same discipline but, much more severe and one which will leave a lasting impression. She has to remove her panties and bend over the chair. Her bottom raised she is spanked just like a naughty girl, hard and without a pause till her bottom is red and hot to touch. Next the headmaster chooses his heaviest cane and delivers the hardest strokes in neat lines right across this virgin bottom. The caning continues until we have one very sorry lady left rubbing a red and well marked bottom.

English Spankers Suzie Smart gets the cane  Take a look at a free clip of this great film

At Real Life Spanking Mike Sometimes has to discipline a few girls on the same day.  He scheduled Monique to come in the morning but she didn’t show up so Mike  waited for Amy and he gave her a sound spanking for not paying her bills again. While he had her on the desk, spanking her bottom soundly, Monique burst in and after a scolding he told her to bare her bottom and get in the corner while he finished with Amy. Amy went into the corner and he put Monique over the knee and gave her such a spanking she will never forget!  Keeping him waiting for 3 hours indeed!

Real Life Spanking Amy and Monique punished

New Film at Sound Punishment Danielle Hunt is a dispapointment to her Housemaster. Lazy and uncaring of her studies she is summoned to his rooms to be disciplined. Her attitude earns her not one, but two, hard OTK spankings in a row onto her  bare bottom, so beautifully highlighted by her pristine white knickers and blue summer school uniform dress. 

Two spankings for Danielle Hunt at Sound Punishment


5 comments to The Cane for Suzie Smart and other Spanking Updates

  • Richard

    Wow, thanks Sarah. Having lovely Leia in your films is terrific and I just love seeing a sexy sophisticated mature lady featured. Suzie is gorgeous. You have the best casts and storylines these days…something for everyone.

  • Paul

    I really agree with Richard change is everything
    Same old same old is repetitive
    and boring.
    Spanking Sarah has the best plots and stories
    and uses top spanking models like the good doctor Leia for example
    I am really enjoying my membership

    • sarahadmin

      Thanks Paul :) I am glad you enjoy the site. Looking forward to giving you a good spanking when I see you next xx

  • tim

    Lovely Leia Ann is a great favourite as a spankee and spanker ,look forward to the vids and Suzies spankings too ,love and spanks,Timxx

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