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New Photo Galleries at Triple A Films

I have hurt my finger!  My middle finger is swollen to about twice its size.  I am not quite sure how I have done it, as I haven’t hurt it recently.  About a month ago I dropped a heavy chopping board on it.  As you can imagine a few choice words were said at the time and I was badly bruised for quite a few days after.  It is lucky that I can use both hands for spanking as that one was out of action for a time.  Actually, perhaps I hurt it smacking one of my Nephews bottoms yesterday …..  I will  have to smack him even harder the next time

Two new photo galleries for you this week at Triple A Spanking.  The first is of Sarah Gregory getting a wet bottom spanking from Paul Kennedy in the Bathroom

Triple A Spanking  The second shows Jasmine Lau and Sophie as rebellious teenagers   Triple A Spanking

At Northern Spanking Young Kate has seriously displeased the Master of the house and, to her horror, it is described to her exactly how she is to be punished. A very sore-bottomed serving girl will try much harder in future.

Northern Spanking

At Marked Butts Detention begins as Mr. Johnson calls roll and realizes Nikki is not wearing a proper uniform. After he gives her the mandatory 12 ruler strokes o0ver panties, she sits down and throws a pencap at him and calls him an asshole for spanking her over a uniform. Kyle has enough and takes her over his knee for a very long bare botto spanking as she kicks and struggles before sending her to the corner to sit in the dunce chair with the dunce cap on to make sure she remembers to behave in detention

Marked Butts

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