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Sally Strapped for Cash at English Spankers

At English Spankers Young Sally has had a party at her parents house and some valuable articles have been damaged. She needs to borrow some money quick so that she can get repairs done before her parents find out. She turns to those helpful folk at Strapped For Cash. Miss Bright the representative is willing to lend the money but has to make the terms clear to this badly behaved young lady. In return for the cash she will receive a spanking and a good beating with the leather strap on her bare bottom. Sally has to agree and we can watch as her milky white bottom is bruised and turned to a bright shade or red.  

Sally Strapped for Cash at English Spankers  Now, I know I am biased but, a membership to English Spankers gets you a full film and photo gallery every single week plus unlimited downloads on the over 150 films already on site and you can join for as little as £11.00 per month click here to find out how.

Ok. It is not Spanking, so look away if thats the only thing you are here for.  Here is what Nimue has to say about the latest update at Nimues World  “The more Andrea and I work together, the more fun we have and the more intense things get. I trust Andrea to talk to me, to respond to me honestly and openly, and that allows us to go together to some dark and scary places. She loves to be scared, and I love to scare her, but Andrea is so tough, there is little left that she really fears. One of the things that stills scares her though, is having her face tortured. I attack her face with pegs and clamps and soon the tears are flowing, but her terror and pain are real when I take the cane to her face as well”  

 Nimues World

At our Clips4sale site I have just added a new film.  Nurse Holly has been slacking at work and now she is to pay the price.  Not only is she paddled but she is caned hard on her bare bottom as well.

Nurse Holly Paddled at Spanking Sarah and now Clips4Sale


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