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A Birching for Leandra at Spanked in Uniform

I am trying to get ahead of myself.  This is normally easy but when your internet is about as fast as it would be if it still where on dial up, then this is not the case.  I am not known for my patience either so when things are whirring (my technical name for the little wheel at the top when loading)  I often double or even triple click.  This results in either eventually getting more pages then I wanted or more likely, a frozen screen.  I often then walk away from the computer as I fear that it may end up out the window!  Mr Stern will be phoning the wondrous BT later today to see if it is a fault and whether it can be fixed.  He has a separate internet access so has been unaffected.

I am at the moment uploading the latest English Spankers film.  This is  where the very sexy Sophie joins Uncle Paul in his pyjama spanking club to our clips4sale site.  Click this link to see if I was succesful!  If not I am sure you will find something over there that you will like :) .

  English Spankers or (hopefully) Clips4Sale

At Spanked in Uniform this week In part two of Leandra’s painfull evaluation she first gets a sound birching for serving the wrong flavour milkshakes a few times. After the birching she got a sound OTK slippering for not knowing how to make a proper bananasplit and lastly she had to bend over for a sound bare bottom strapping for being rude to a customer. She left with a very sore bottom.

  . Spanked in Uniform

A new gallery at Northern Spanking called ‘Picnic Warfare’ A pleasant afternoon in the country descends into chaos when Jadie decides to keep the pink fizz all to herself.

Northern Spanking

To finish todays post a non spanking site.  Meet Daniella English Milf.  She has rather a nice bum doesn’t she?  

. English Milf

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