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Nurse Sally Spark Spanked at Northern Spanking

At Northern Spanking Nurse Sally has been doing all she can to avoid doing any work whatsoever. Her latest feined injury, a sprained ankle, sees her being wheeled to a vacant bed to rest at the instructions of a very gullible ward sister. Her fellow Nurse Sarah is not convinced however and, sick of picking up the slack, decides that perhaps Sally deserves some genuine injury, to her bottom and a very humiliating one at that!

Northern Spanking

At Spanked in Uniform Monique had borrowed Aleesha’s lip gloss and she wanted it back but Monique had lost it. Aleesha told her that she needed to be punished and when they went to Mr. Johnson’s office, he was not there. Aleesha thought she would take matters into her own hands and spank Monique herself. Mr. Johnson caught her and when he found out the spanking was for something so silly as a tube of lip gloss, he gave Aleesha a sound spanking.

Spanked in Uniform

At Real Life Spanking  Not even a week has gone by since Julie and Brooke were both spanked and the girls went out, had a lot of fun and spent lots of money and to make matters worse, they didn’t confess it to Mike. Time for a serious punishment and two very red and sore bottoms. For not reporting Mike gave them both a sound leather paddling. For having too much fun he gave them a sound bare bottom birching and he finished their punishment with a sound hand spanking and a taste of my new heavy leather strap. 

Real Life Spanking



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