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Ludella Hahn Spanked at Spanking Sarah and other updates

I have a rare day off today.  Well, when I say day off I mean that I do not have any filming or sessions planned.  I still need to do quite a lot of work online, housework, washing, cooking and cleaning not mentioning dog walking and picking up dropping off not so littles and various other tasks.  I am not impressed with the huge amount of rain which has been falling so I am going to try and cheer myself up by sharing some great spanking updates.

Wednesday is update day at Spanking Sarah so I will start there.  Top American model Ludella Hahn was over in the UK and I was lucky enough to be able to book her for her only British Spanking sessions. She dressed as a schoolgirl, a very naughty one and I had the great pleasure of spanking her lovely bottom. I don’t know if she expected that we English would go easy on our American cousins but I certainly did not. I gave this delightful young lady the spanking of her life

Spanking Sarah

Dreams of Spanking Michael hates living with his strict, old-fashioned aunt and uncle, who believe in traditional methods of discipline and do not consider him too old to be taken over the knee for a sound spanking. When he brings home an unfavourable school report he knows they will be displeased, and so he keeps quiet and hopes they won’t ask. Unfortunately his nosy aunt goes through his things, finds it, and is all the angrier because he tried to deceive them. She scolds Michael and, although he is nearly fully grown, she makes him lie over her knees, and spanks his bottom firmly. Nose to the wall and in disgrace, with his spanked bottom on display, Michael is forced to wait until his uncle comes home, knowing that when he does he will give him an even harder spanking while his aunt looks on.

Dreams of Spanking

At Femme Fatale Films Tasting The Tail” features Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Femme Fatale Films

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