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Amelia Jane Rutherford returns to English Spankers

I love shooting Spanking films.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes  I wonder whether it would be easier to pull teeth then get somebody to be able to act but mostly the models we film with are fantastic fun and try their very best to make sure we get the content we require.  We mainly shoot with new and unknown girls some of which go on to have very successful spanking careers but every now and then we like to film with some of the ‘Industry Greats’ and Amelia is probably one of the greatest you can get.  Before I met her everyone told me she was wonderful which led me to believe that I probably wouldn’t like her!  How wrong could I be?  Amelia is as nice as everybody says and I try to get at least one filming session in with her every year.   I absolutely love her and adore catching up with her whenever we can.

She came along to film with us last month and we shot some great films – the first of which where recently at Spanking Sarah.  Doesn’t Amelia look amazing in her jodhpurs?

Spanking Sarah

This week she is appearing at English Spankers in an age old scenario which has a new twist.  Amelia is strapped by her Boss for watching spanking porn whilst she is at work.  As we all know,  the UK is having a big crack down on UK Producers which is why we and many others have had to take our production overseas.  Amelia has made a fantastic video about this which can be viewed by clicking this link.   I have just noted that even the video has been censored.  You have to prove you age to watch a couple of bloody teddy bears!!  Please do so it really is worth watching and sharing so that perhaps this Government comes to its senses  Anyway, I have gone a bot off track, I was telling you about this weeks film.

The Boss comes to her house and notes her dismay that Amelia has been watching and indeed paying to watch girls who are obviously being abused.   We all know that anyone who appears in any kind of kinky movie must hate every single moment of it don’t we?  That the models are being exploited and that they would be far better off doing anything rather than work in the porn industry.  Amelia tries to explain to her Boss that she thinks that the girls involved seem to quite like it and that she herself would be interested in being spanked and that far from finding it disgusting, that the idea really excites her. 

Her Boss is disgusted.  She quotes the UK Governements views on this matter.   These people are elected to look after our best interests so if they say that these sort of things should not go on then they must be right.  She decides to show Amelia that being strapped is a painful, humiliating and degrading experience.  Once the Boss starts wielding the strap things start to change.  She realises that she is rather enjoying spanking her employee and it is clear that Amelia is enjoying it as well!  Could the Government be wrong? 

English Spankers


Monday Morning Spankings

Well, it might not be Monday morning by the time you read this, it may not even be morning by the time I manage to publish but I always wonder what I should call my posts.  I will (hopefully) telling you about a few updates today.  I missed a great one at RedStripe Films last week so want to start there.  We were the very first Spanking Producers to film with Lola Marie and I can’t believe just how long ago that was!  She came back recently to make some more great films and I was so impressed with her that I booked again.  Lola will be coming back next week and we have some exciting plans for her.

Last week at RedStripe Films This is Lola Marie’s second chance to convince the London Tanner that she really is his long lost niece and is the one who should inherit hid fortune, or the fortune she thinks he has as he is just using this as a scam to get young ladies bent over his knee so that he may spank a few bottoms. He now has to persuade Lola that she would love to feel his slipper on her bare bottom, she is not too convinced about this but with the thought of all that money in her mind she lets him remove her knickers and give her a pretty hard slippering  

RedStripe Films

On Friday we were shooting with April again and a new guy called Kev.  The first of these films is now up on Sarah Spanks Men and one of the sequels will be available at Spanking Sarah.  Both films can be viewed individually or together.  I know lots of people are members of both sites or if you don’t want to join a monthly site then you can view both at Clips4Sale or Spanking Library.
New to Sarah Spanks Men April is quite new to home nursing and thinks it is part of her duty to entertain her patients in any way they wish. Kev is a real dirty minded perv and persuades April to bring him in strong drink and to entertain him by getting her tits out and spanking and paddling his bottom. She may be new to all this but she certainly lays the paddle on his bottom giving dirty Kev all he could wish for. As you will find out, there are consequences to this behaviour. 

Sarah Spanks Men

The next part of this film will be available at Spanking Sarah on Wednesday.  As we will be filming tomorrow and wednesday, I will tell you about it now.   I walk in on Kev and April getting and soon realise that he is not quite as ill as he claims!  You will see me deal with him again in the next couple of weeks but firstly I want to make sure young April realises that messing with her patients can only lead to pain.  This young lady is given a short sharp shock and a very embarrassing spanking in rather a revealing position. 

Spanking Sarah

Doctor I’m in trouble!

I bet regular readers are rubbing their eyes in shock!  THREE posts in as many days.  What has happened?  Well, the truth is very simple.  We had a shoot cancellation on Monday so instead of smacking bums I have been writing blogs in advance.  It is one way to catch up with webwork but in all honesty, I would rather not have had the cancellation.  It is very rare for a model to cancel a shoot, especially when we have filmed together before but sometimes things really do happen last minute which prevent honouring our commitments  …… I will just have to make sure I smack her even harder next time.

Luna is back with us at SpankingSarah this week.  When Dr Stern called to see Luna she found a fit looking but very lazy girl, one who said she could not go out alone and could not work. Well she had been seen at her local night club dancing and getting it off with boys so it was obvious that some remedial medicine had to be applied to her bottom. She is paddled first off over her daisy dukes, they did give her some protection but the full force of the paddling was driven home when they were removed.

Spanking Sarah

Welcome back Ashleigh!

I have been making spanking films for about six years.  Mr Stern has been making them for much longer so you can imagine just how many models we have filmed with in that time.  In this industry people do come and go.  We have always prided ourselves on not churning out exactly the same material that you will find on other sites.  Of course we do film with industry favourites from time to time but we like to  be different.  We like to introduce girls into the spanking scene and have been very successful in doing so.  Now, some will make one film and find that spanking is not their thing and that is absolutely fine.  Others realise that they love it and go on to have a successful spanking career.   Ashleigh is one such girl.  Ashleigh made her first film with us around two years ago and you loved her.  She came along to quite a few shoots and then her circumstances changed and she had to stop modelling for a while.  I was really pleased when she got back in touch recently and we have made some truly superb films.  We will be filming with Ashleigh again next month and I am sure you will join me in welcoming her back.

At English Spankers  When Ashleigh asked if she could do her own thing at our last shoot we reluctantly agreed with it and left her to it with our camera man. Well, when he had finished shooting he rushed out of the studio and told us he had just filmed the naughtiest scene that Ashleigh had ever done. It seemed she wanted to do some very sexy posing for the camera and then whilst she was in the positions she started to whack herself with a selection of paddles, not only on her bottom but her thighs and beautiful breasts as well. For a lady who says she does not like spanking this is pretty amazing

English Spankers

Frank has his first beating after a break of three years

Three years does seem like a long time to go between smacked bottoms doesn’t it?  Still, sometimes life gets in the way and prevents us from being able to play as much as we would like or at all.  Frank is quite a young man and was enjoying the scene when disaster struck.  His Mother became very ill and he kindly and rather bravely decided that he would give up his job and be her full time carer.  This left no time for play and poor Frank put his spanking life to one side.  Three years on things are looking a little better for Frank.  His Mother has improved and can now be left for a short time.   I must confess I did feel very honoured when Frank got in touch and asked me to give him his first taste of CP after such a long break.  He was understandably really nervous but I think he did incredibly well.   Take a look at the latest film at SarahSpanksMen and see for yourself.

Sarah Spanks Men

A lot of Spanking going on

It is Friday.  I am not sure where this week has gone to, in fact, scrub that, I am not sure where the year has gone.  It truly really will soon be Christmas!  I have been busy again this week, lots of 121 sessions, a visit to London to play at Slayers and two spanking shoots.  It is no wonder that I am often late in updating my blog.    If you are interested in attending a spanking party then may I without bias (Ok, with some bias) recommend the Slayers parties.   They are run by the rather fabulous Amy Hunter and she always makes sure that there are some fierce but wonderful Dommes in attendance.

New to English Spankers this week Bonnie May was late back from her evening out, when she returned home she was given a good spanking by her guardian but that was not to be the end of her punishment. Mr. Stern had also been out in his car searching the streets for her and so he was determined she was going to feel the sting of his tongue and of his favourite paddle. She reports to the sitting room in her pyjamas to await the punishment which will be coming her way and will leave her with a very marked and painful bottom

English Spankers

At Spanking Sarah we welcome the return of Amelia Jane Rutherford.  Amelia Jane Rutherford has been spanked after it was reported she had been excessively using her riding crop on her horse. She badly needs to be taught a lesson but she still does not understand just how much a riding crop can hurt. This is the reason she is now bending over with her bare bottom in the air awaiting the first stroke from an expertly applied crop in my hands. She will feel the pain of a good hard session and maybe this will teach her

Spanking Sarah

At RedStripe Films  The naughty London Tanner is at it again, pretending he has loads of money to leave in his will to his long lost niece! The tricky thing about it is he has to find the niece. Now this is just a scam to get girls to agree to take a good spanking from his horny old hands and his latest victim is the very lovely Lola Marie. He soon smooth talks her into getting her knickers off and laying over his knee. She is none too sure about all this but does take a real nasty hard spanking on her delectable bottom.  

RedStripe Films 

Last but not least our HandySpankCam site has had some more films added to it.  HandySpankCam is a great site for those of you who enjoy all aspects of spanking.  We get really close into the action with this style of filming giving you angles that a normal static camera just cannot get.  Jennifer has been stealing money from my family and has to pay the full price. She has been caught out with the money in her hand and so it is only right that when the punishment is dished out she gets a good hard leathering on her hands, that maybe will teach her a lesson. I do not leave it there though and make her remove her clothes and bend over and with her legs spread to humiliate her she gets the leather paddle on her bottom till she can’t sit down. A good hard thrashing should teach her  

Handy Spank Cam

Those of you who do not wish to join a membership site can buy all our films at Clips4Sale or SpankingLibary


Mark Anthony gets the Paddle (and what a paddle)

Hello again, despite my best efforts the blog has once more been a bit neglected.  Time does not seem to be on my side at the moment.  I am very lucky to have so many guys who want to come along and have their backsides thrashed but it does mean that there is less time to go online and tell you about the great films we have at our site.  I did think about doing another bumper post to tell you what you may have missed but in all honesty, I will probably run out of time before I can finish.  It is Monday which means that Sarah Spanks Men has been updated so I will concentrate on telling you about that.

A little bit of background first.  Kodders arranged for that huge wooden paddle to be especially made.  It is rather big and I should imagine rather lethal in the wrong hands.  When I first used it I got a blister on my hand from the handle and  as the object is to inflict pain and not hurt myself this had to be amended.   Kodders very kindly made a handle for it and now I can use it without causing myself any damage.

There are 63 full length films now available at Sarah Spanks Men and we still haven’t got round to putting the price of membership up yet.  You can still join for only £10.00 a month.  Now, this will have to change soon so if you have been toying with the idea of joining then do so soon.  Obviously if you have a recurring membership you will keep that low price for the duration.

Mark Anthony came to see me with a very personal problem, he can’t stop wanking, sometimes he is abusing himself four times a day and he finds it interferes with his work. He wants to try my pain  aversion therapy. I agree it may help him so he has to bend over for a painful spanking and paddling on his bar bottom. I have a new and very heavy oak paddle and I decide that this may be needed to drive home the lesson he needs to learn. Now he is a big guy but I soon had him yelling out in pain as my monster paddle struck home on his bare bottom. Sarah Spanks Men

Strand Productions Proudly Present

I am going to let you know all of this weeks updates in advance.  Hopefully this will make up for the lack of them over the past few weeks.  Where is the time going?  Fortunately it will soon be time for school to restart and hopefully I will be able to give this rather neglected blog the time it needs.  Until that time please accept my apologies for the few and far between posts and please stick with me.  Despite the time constraints I have managed to update our fantastic sites on time every week, offer 121 spanking services and do some great shoots. 

A rather naughty film this week at Sarah Spanks Men starring the lovely Lola Marie and Kodders.  Kodders thinks that he would like a sexy session with the very lovely Lola Marie and calls round to see her. He gets her to strip off and do some naughty things on the bed but then when she demands her money he has to tell her he is skint! She does not take this very well and decides that as he has used her for his pleasure she will now make use of him, of his bare bottom in particular. She is naked on the bed as she makes him lay over her knees for a good hard spanking with her hand and then with the back of her hair brush. This should teach him but will it?

Sarah Spanks Men

At English Spankers this week Bonnie May another of our beautiful young spankees is in trouble yet again, late back from an evening out her guardian has to elicit certain information from her and as you might expect it is not easily forthcoming. Threats do not seem to work with this young lady and therefore she has to take a trip over the knee. A spanking starts over her skin tight trousers bit soon progresses to her bare bottom. The tender bottom soon reacts to a hard hand and Bonnie begins to see the error of her ways but not in time to save her from a good hard and thorough spanking

no images were found

English Spankers

The wonderful Amelia Jame Rutherford came along for a shoot for Spanking Sarah  a few weeks ago.  If you haven’t already seen her great video against the stupid UK porn  laws then take a look here   In our latest film she looks rather fantastic wearing jodhpurs and soon gets spanked hard for mistreating her horse and upsetting the vicar!   

Spanking Sarah

A great classic film for you at RedStripe Films starring the very beautiful Wynter Skye.  She is caught doing something very naughty and is made to pay the price.  She is put over the knee and given one of the hardest bare bottom spankings I have seen for quite some time.  This film has been remastered and looks absolutely amazing. 

RedStripe Films


Let’s Play Spanking Catch Up

It has been a while hasn’t it?  Any Parent knows that the Summer Holidays can cause disruption but especially so when your occupation is a secret one!  I don’t see anything wrong with the fact that I run spanking websites and offer 121 spanking sessions but that does not mean that I want my teenage Daughter to know.  Something has had to give in order to maintain a fair work/family balance and unfortunately it has been the blog.  Mr Stern has very kindly taken over many of the online tasks that I usually complete but there are only so many hours in a day.   September will see us falling back into a semblance of normality and (hopefully) I will once more find the time to let you know exactly what is available at our Spanking Sites.  I have had a cancellation this morning so have some time to devote to my very neglected blog.

All our films can be viewed in several different ways.   For those of you who prefer to buy films on an individual basis then we have sites at Clips4Sale as well as Spanking Library.     Or you can join Spanking Sarah, English Spankers, Sarah Spanks Men or RedStripe Films for a low monthly membership fee.  For further savings all have longer and cheaper join up prices.  If you like our hand made films then these can be viewed at our new site HandySpankCam 

I think I have missed three weeks of updates but will concentrate on the last two.   Hopefully I can play catch up next week as well.  So, starting with Sarah Spanks Men …………

While I am away from home Paul decides to hire a young lady to come and spank him. She is new to the game and just does not know what she is doing and so when I discover them in full swing I am determined to teach them both a lesson. I get him over my knee and then thrash him with a thick wooden ruler, this really does hurt his tender bottom but worse is to come as I use the girls cane on him. This is one of my very hardest films so be warned for loads of hard spanking action  

Sarah Spanks Men

The week before Tony turned up at my house without a appointment to see me he said he needed a spanking that badly he just took the chance. I was not best pleased I can tell you and told him so. As he was there I decided I would deal with him and used a selection of my latest paddles on his bottom and the inside of his thighs. I made sure that he felt my anger for quite a while.

Sarah Spanks Men

At English Spankers Luna and Bell are home from college for the mid-term break, they have both been spanked by their senior tutor and now they are to be punished at home. Luna is the first to suffer the deserved punishment. She goes over her guardians knee for a spanking on her already warm bottom then she has to bend over for her first ever caning. The strokes are hard and all in line as her bare bottom takes the caning. Bell watches from the side lines, she will be next!

English Spankers

This week We certainly see some strange things at English Spankers and non-more so than when our newest spankee April May came to us and said she had enjoyed her spanking so much that she wanted further punishment on her bottom. We did of course agree to this and she herself picked out a good sized leather paddle as the instrument of punishment. This beautiful girl then removed all of her clothes and placed herself over the knee of her spanker and requested that the punishment begin.

English Spankers

At Spanking Sarah Lola Marie is not the best waitress in the world, in fact she is maybe the worst and when the London Tanner hires her to work in his new high class home cooked restaurant she is soon in trouble. Spilling drinks over customers and a general bad attitude are sure to earn her some pretty severe punishment. She is not disappointed and after her latest escapade she finds herself bent over the cooker with her knickers down and bare bottom on display. London Tanner has a very strong right arm and he uses his cane to good effect on this naughty young ladies bare bottom  

Spanking Sarah

This week Jess is now due the cane, she really annoyed me with her attitude when I was told she was having sex with my best friends wife. I had thought the paddling I gave her would have taught her a bit of humility but she was having none of it. I made her take off all her clothes then after giving her a good telling off she had to bend over for a very hard application of my cane

Spanking Sarah

Last but not least ……. A new update at RedStripe Films for the Spanking Mansion Bemby Franks is young and innocent and when she wakes up secured in a strange bedroom she can’t have any idea what she is about to undergo. Her boyfriend has to pay some money back and a film of his lady friend might just help him. She will be beaten and frightened before her ordeal is over and she gets released.  

Redstripe Films

Meet April Filmed, Edited and Live in a Day!

Lola Marie is as we speak whacking poor Kodders upstairs.   As we are childless this week we are trying to cram in as much filming as possible.  Yesterday we filmed with a brand spanking new model called April May and we loved her so much that we edited the first film and put it straight up on English Spankers.  The camera loves April and I am pretty sure you will too.

We have a great new spankee this week. April May really is an amazing young lady as you will see in this story she wanted to make. Never spanked before she jumped in at the deep end and requested that she be punished for keeping some hamsters in her rented room. No trouble she soon found herself over the knee being spanked on her trousers then on the bare bottom. A very good long hard first spanking.  

English Spankers