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It is Wednesday and the first chance that I have had to get online this week!  I am not going to complain about how busy I have been, I am lucky that so many people want to come along and see me for 121 sessions.  We were shooting with a new girl yesterday and so I was in session until half past seven last night, by the time I had cooked, eaten and cleared up I was ready for my bed!  I am in session again this afternoon and have a hectic filming day tomorrow – not one, but two shoots.  Friday I am in session and then have friends coming for dinner so this is the only chance I will get to tell you about the great films we have on site this week.  On Monday we updated SarahSpanksMenAnother film from my amateur film maker member. This time it shows a guy in the dungeon getting a severe paddling from our busty lady friend Josephine. Dressed in a revealing PVC corset and stockings with high boots she cuts a very domineering figure as she moves around our hapless victim administering a good solid session with her wooden paddle. Once again this is something different for my site and I do hope you like this, you certainly gave me a good response to my first amateur made film   

. Sarah Spanks Men At English Spankers Bonnie has agreed that she is a sexual predator and that her actions in chasing a young lad in the office amount to stalking or far worse. Her boss has punished her with a spanking and paddling but her behaviour seems to be one of denial. She is told that she has to take the cane or face dismissal, she chooses the cane and after being stripped naked she bends over for a very hard caning on her bare bottom.   English Spankers At Spanking Sarah Luna is supposed to be looking after the house and the children but I find her in the sitting room relaxing and smoking. She knows this is strictly forbidden. When I question her she starts to tell lies, I will not tolerate liars. I decide that she must be punished and I keep a rather nasty leather paddle handy for just such occasions. After a few strokes over her panties I get her to lower these and the rest of the punishment is delivered on her bare bottom   . Spanking Sarah Last but not least at RedStripe Jennifer is a trusted member of the household but then she is caught on camera stealing money from the elderly father, it seems she has been doing this for some time. After some stern telling off she is placed over the knee, her maids uniform dress raised and she then gets a blister, bottom marking spanking. This is well laid on as befits the crime, no little taps just good hard spanking right from the start. Another great Hand Made Film featuring a brand new girl in the spanking scene    .

Charlie and the Cats

We go to a lot of different places to film.   Most of them are lovely, some of them not so.  We have filmed with Charlie in the past and I don’t think she would mind me saying that her tidiness leaves a lot to be desired!  The first time we went to shoot with her over a year ago she didn’t wake up when we were knocking on the door and when we finally got in we could not believe our eyes!  The house was in a dreadful mess.  The only storyline we could do then was that I was an angry Landlady horrified at how my house was being treated.

Despite her messiness, we love Charlie and shot with her many times but under the strict instruction that she had a good tidy up before we got there!  Charlie moved away for a while but got in touch when she got back and arranged another shoot.   I realised that we maybe walking into disarray when she texted me on the day to ask for a delay of a couple of hours so she could clean up!  We were already on the way so had no choice but to keep going.  I must say it was a shock to arrive and find that Charlie is now the proud owner of eight cats!

These lovely cats had made themselves at home by pulling down curtains, scratching and tearing furniture and kicking their cat litter all over the place.  Charlie knew she was in trouble.  Mr Stern is allergic to cats and there was rather a lot of hair over the place plus one of the cats was still roaming freely.  What can you do?  I once more donned my ‘LandLady’ hat and gave Charlie a punishment that she will not forget in a hurry.

There was no over the knee, quite frankly I was frightened to sit down!  I got out one of my heavy tawses and decided to give Charlie some hard strokes on her hands.  She did not like this one but and I don’t blame her.  Hand Strapping hurts a lot and I made her take several strokes.  By the time I had finished with her hands they were bright red.

It was then time to bend her over but the silly girl would not keep still.  I warned her that if I couldn’t hit her bottom than I would smack her thighs and I am always one to keep my word.  Not only did the backs of her thighs feel the sting of my tawse but the fronts as well.  The poor girl was in agony.

This is a very hard punishment film and can be seen at RedStripe films.

The Paddle for Victoria at SpankingSarah

We film with a lot of new girls.  We know that you like to see ladies get their first ever spanking and we like to give it to them.  Some just cannot take it and to be honest with you, when I first met Victoria I really thought she would be one such lady.   I was fully expecting her to tell me after I had smacked her bottom hard that she did not want to do anymore filming.  How can you find out if you like to be spanked unless you try?  It is incredibly hard to explain to anyone exactly how a spanking will feel.  You really cannot describe the pain.

After a cup of tea and a rub I asked Victoria how she had found it.  She was honest enough to say that she had struggled to do it but that she was really pleased that she had.  I showed her some of my paddles and asked if she would like to try to make another film.  She tentatively agreed.  I warned her that I would not be able to go easy on her and she completely understood.   Victoria was under no illusions that this was going to hurt far more than my hand had.

Victoria looked absolutely amazing in a corset that I later found out had been borrowed from her Mum!  She explained in our spanking interview that she has a great relationship with her and that Mum was well aware that she had come along to get spanked.  I always find these interviews amazing and must confess to being a little jealous – I can’t see myself ever being able to tell my Mum what I do.  We jokingly suggested that Mum could come along and get spanked as well.

New girl Victoria has just had her very first spanking and I did not think she would want to carry on but she has surprised me. I have told her that next she will have to bend over for a hard session with one of my leather paddles. Now she is a little nervous but says she has come this far and wants to go ahead. I soon have her pert rear end stuck high in the air, legs spread and ready for the paddle. Although this is her first time I do not go easy on her and she does take a full strength paddling. A really beautiful young girl and very keen to be punished some more

Spanking Sarah

A Hard Hairbrushing for Ella Hughes

I do miss shooting with the delightful Ella Hughes.  She made her spanking debut with us last year and proved to be a firm favourite with spanko fans.   Ella absolutely adored being spanked and I absolutely loved spanking her.  Unsurprisingly, Ella as a model has become a real success and unfortunately she cannot be marked as like she used to be which is quite understandable  I adored smacking her lovely bottom and I do hope that if she takes a little break from full time modelling that she may come back for more.  In the meantime, I have lots of wonderful films like this one to keep all fans all Ella getting hard punishments happy.

At English Spankers this week  Ella Hughes has been fighting at college and ended up hitting another girl. For this she was punished at school but the rules at home are that if she gets punished at school then she gets punished at home. She has to go over the knee, her uniform skirt is raised and her regulation knickers taken down, She then experiences a long and painful punishment with a wooden backed hairbrush. The tears will come at the end as she feels the pain in her red and marked bottom 

English Spankers


Jess Gets her revenge at Sarah Spanks Men

A quick post from me today,  I will be going into session soon and then will be taken for a lovely lunch.  There are not many occupations were you not only get paid to do something you absolutely love but treated as well.  I was out for lunch yesterday as well.  Life is very, very good.

I have noticed that quite a few members of Spanking Sarah are also members of Sarah Spanks Men.  Once upon a time I truly believed that the majority of people who liked M/F or F/F would not want to watch F/M but I was wrong.   Many of you love to view both which is why I am going to do some crossover stories between the two sites.  Now, don’t worry if this is not your bag ……  Each film can be viewed as a stand alone and will make perfect sense.  You do not need to be members of both to enjoy.

The first films of this nature starred Honesty and Steve and part one can be seen at English Spankers Honesty is going through her bosses cupboards and finds some spanking paddles. She soon has her skirt raised and is giving herself a good hard paddling. Her boss is watching and after a while he offers to take over and really lays the paddle on her bare bottom, a lot harder than she really wanted but he does not care, a good full strength paddling

English Spankers

The second part which again can be watched as a stand alone was shown at Sarah Spanks Men Steve has just had cause to paddle his secretary, she discovered his collection of paddles. Now she wants to turn the table on him and not only demands a pay rise but tells him she is going to paddle his bare bottom just like he did hers. Steve has to agree, well this is just what he was hoping for anyway  

Sarah Spanks Men

This mini series was such a success we decided to occasionally have a cross over film from each site.  We have recently had a mini series on Spanking Sarah with Jess as a not very good carworker.  Trainee Care worker Jess is supposed to be learning about her work, she has books to read but instead falls asleep. She is woken by someone in a white coat she thinks is a doctor, silly girl he is only a porter but he insists on punishing her. She sees no way out and has to accept a paddling on her bare bottom. Next she is ordered to take off her uniform, she reluctantly does this and is subjected to a long naked paddling. Sister Stern comes along and interrupts this little session


Well, revenge is sweet and this week on Sarah Spanks Men Jess certainly extracts her revenge.  The story starts on spankingsarah.com, nurse Jess lets the porter, who is pretending to be a doctor, paddle her and strip her naked. He now has to pay the price. Sister Stern orders a naked Jess to join her in caning the hapless porter and boy does he get a real hard caning from the two of them. A well marked bottom is his reward for the deception. This is another Hand Made Film


What have we been doing this week?

Well, apart from the usual we have had three shoots and a great deal of fun filming them.  Do you remember Charlie?  She appeared on our sites about eighteen months ago, lovely looking girl who is as mad as a box of frogs.   Like many girls, she ‘retired’ from modelling but got in touch recently to say that she was back and ready to shoot.  Often when you haven’t seen a model for some time you can barely recognise them but Charlie had not changed one bit she is still as lovely as ever.  The only difference is that she is now the proud owner of eight cats!  Yes, you read that right, EIGHT cats a good enough reason to punish anyone especially as Mr Stern is allergic to the furry things.   The films we shot at her house will be appearing at RedStripe Films quite soon.

Satine Spark is one of my all time favourite spanking models.  We have been filming with this delightful young lady for many years and hopefully will continue to do so for many more years to come.  She always looks absolutely amazing and has the perfect bottom for spanking.  We had great fun making this set of films for Spanking Sarah.  

Last but by no means least, Paul came along to get his bottom smacked and got a little bit more than he bargained for!  We were the very first people to film Satine in a submissive spanking role and I am very pleased to be the first to film her as a Domme.  This was the first time she had ever spanked anyone but with a little help, she soon got into the swing of things.  

Coming soon to SarahSpanksMen

It’s a Sad Day for UK Porn….

I must confess to feeling a little bit sick.  It seems that the Conservatives will be in charge of the UK for another 5 long years.  I actually can’t believe that it has happened.  All I do know is that any British UK Porn Producer should seriously consider getting their companies out of the reach of ATVOD.  Let us recap. it is NOT illegal to watch Spanking and other types of porn in the UK,  it is NOT illegal to participate in it, it is NOT even illegal to film it but it is now illegal to produce it.  Why?  Well, because without argument or debate a new law was passed in December.  We are told this is to protect our children.  Quite frankly I would prefer our children were protected by allowing people like myself to run our own business and provide for them.

We saw this law coming and we began to move our company out of the UK many years ago but it was still a shock when we had to actually move ourselves to avoid prosecution.    We now have official Spanish residency, our money is paid into our Spanish bank account and until our daughter has finished her education we have to go back and forth between the two countries.   This is not viable on a long term basis but what else can we do?  We love making spanking films and have been doing so for many years.  Can you imagine us turning up at the Job centre?  To say I feel bitter is an understatement and I know that this is a feeling shared by many of my fellow producers who have had to act to protect their businesses in the same way.

What of those who decided to stay and fight?  Pandora Blake has given her voice in protesting this unfair and possibly illegal law.  Her prize?  Her site, which is her baby is now under investigation by ATVOD.  I cannot even begin to imagine how she feels.  You can read more about her plight at her Dreams of Spanking Blog .  My heart goes out to her especially as it seems that not only are ATVOD intent on ruining her business which I imagine she has poured blood, sweat and tears into as well as a huge amount of money but that there is a possibility that they will ‘out’ her.  None of us are ashamed of what we do but we all have family, neighbours, friends and in some cases employers, our lives could and can be irrepealably damaged.  Pandora is going to fight but even if she wins her real name will be in the public domain and the  reverberation from that could be endless.

I wasn’t brave enough to stay and in some ways I feel ashamed but I have children who have to come first.  The thought of my teenage daughter being taunted at school because her Mother ‘hits people for a living’ is almost intolerable.  She is my main priority.   I should not be wishing her childhood away but I am.  The older she gets the better adjusted she will be and the less effected by decisions I made about how I wished to conduct my life.   We are safe for now but I am under no illusion that ATVOD and a Tory Government are intent on banning online porn from being viewed in the UK.  Will they succeed?  I certainly hope not but it will take brave people like Pandora Blake who are willing to stand up and fight.

What can you do to help?   You can donate to Backlash   You can show Pandora Blake your support by joining Dreams of Spanking whilst you are still able and if you are really brave you can write to your MP and let him know your views.

Jess Careworker Caned

It is one day before the UK goes to the polls to decide who should run the Country for the next four years.  I unfortunately lost my right to vote when I took Spanish residency and to be honest, I am not sure who I would vote for even if I could.  It seems that the Conservatives are hell bent on making online porn impossible to view by people in the UK and they are going to be asking service providers to block sites and I am not sure that Labour are any better.  You really would think that they had better things to do than to worry about what people watch in the privacy of their homes.  The excuse of course is ‘think of the children’   Perhaps they should have thought of them when they were being molested and raped by MP’s and other public figures but hey ho.  It is quite upsetting to think that the UK is striving to become more of a controlled state than some communist countries.

Anyway. let us not forget that it is not illegal (at least not yet) to watch spanking porn in the Uk.  It is not even illegal to film it.  So let us all enjoy ourselves whilst we can.  Jess joined us recently to make some more spanking films.  Jess spends a lot of time outside of the UK and is better known for her bondage work but tries to film with us whenever she flies back into the country.

Trainee care worker Jess has been paddled by the porter, silly girl. She just does not seem to have what it takes and so stronger training methods need to be employed. Sister Stern believes she has the answer, it comes in the form of her favourite cane. Jess has to bend over her bottom on view as a severe caning is administered to her. She is left sorry and well marked from her experience.   SpankingSarah

The Cane for Leia Ann Woods

If you live in the UK then today is the day to cast your vote.   Who knew that when I voted for the Conservatives last time that they would effectively be banishing myself and many other porn producers from the UK.  I do feel very bitter about the way this Country seems to view our activities and worry about the damage they will do to our kids in the long run.  When I first became interested in spanking I was relieved to be able to go online and find out that I was not alone.  If the same was to happen now I would find that something which I class as part of me is deemed as obscene!  How can that benefit anyone? 

A great classic film at RedStripe Films this week.  It seems strange calling anything with Leia Ann Woods in it ‘classic’ but as she still looks exactly the same now as she did when this film was made.   I am hoping to film with Miss Woods again a little later this year.

Leia Ann Woods has been strapped for having sex with another man in the car but it is considered that the punishment given was not severe enough for this young lady. A very swishy cane is called for and produced as Lea Ann stands naked waiting for the inevitable pain that is to come. She is caned first on the hands that held the other man and then bent over the bed the real hard and prolonged caning starts on her bare bottom  

RedStripe Films

I think it is Tuesday …..

Bank holidays are rather wonderful, unless of course you have to work on them then I guess they are pretty rubbish.  Rem and I took the weekend off, not that we did very much (the rain put paid to any outings) but it is nice to be able to spend time with family and friends.  The problem is now that my head thinks it is Monday!   We have three shoots booked this week, add that to quite a few 121 sessions and all the work updated four sites entails and you can see that we are in for a very busy time especially as we will be missing a day.   I will therefore update as much as I can in advance and then try to remember to check that everything gets posted.

A great amateur video at SarahSpanksMen this week.  We have been fortunate enough to be given a set of three films which were shot many years ago but have never been shown.  In fact, the footage had not even been edited!  The guy who filmed it loved Lady Josephine who used to be rather a famous porn star and he wanted to film her as a Domme.   The tapes have been sitting in his shed for years but he recently joined my site and asked if I wanted the films.  After checking he had model release forms and was indeed the owner of the content I was very happy to take it off of his hands.

I have something different again this week, one of my members, an amateur film maker shot a number of short films in his local dungeon some time ago, he did not know what to do with them and has offered them to me. I think they are fresh, erotic and very different and I would like to encourage others to send me their films. I will put a post in my blog so that you will get the idea of what I want and offer. This film features big busty lady she has a very nasty wooden paddle and she has a willing victim bent over. He gets a very comprehensive paddling and it goes to make a real good film and different from anything else I have, let me know what you think   

Sarah Spanks Men

We have also updated English Spankers and lovers of Bonnie May will be pleased that this olive skinned beauty came back to make many more spanking films.  Bonnie made her debut with us a few months ago.  She had never been spanked and wasn’t sure whether she would complete a whole day of filming.  I am rather pleased that she decided to give spanking a try and I would go as far as to say that she might even enjoy it now.

There is trouble at the office and Bonnie May is at the root of it. She has been harassing a new young male employee, she has flaunted her body at the poor young chap and he does not know how to respond. He has now reported her to the company boss who has called her in for an interview. Bonnie does not think what she is doing is wrong so there has to be a lesson applied and it will be to her bare bottom. A good hard spanking followed by a session with the leather paddle and a warning that her behaviour needs to change

English Spankers