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A Hard Caning for Zoe at RedStripe Films

You can always tell when someone has never been caned before and it is always an honour to be the first person to administer the cane.   As members of RedStripe Films will see, Zoe had never ever been caned before and to be honest, I don’t think it is something she will be quick to do again!  Her poor bottom was battered, welted and bruised by the time I had finished with her.  This is a hard caning film.

Never ever think that you can outwit the Strapped for Cash people!  Zoe had borrowed money and since she had moved felt she would not have to pay it back!  When Sarah caught up with her she regretted this decision.  Especially when she was made to touch her toes and take full force strokes of the cane.  A welted bare bottom for Zoe.

Redstripe films


Uncaring Carers. Luna gets the paddle

It is a big day in the Stern household.  Our littlest member is having an operation.  Now, before I go any further I should point out that he is a dog.  But, he is my dog and I love him very much.  Noah has not been able to eat since 8pm last night and was not greatly impressed this morning when he did not get his egg for breakfast.  He is now at the vets and will be most of the day.  It is a routine procedure but I am still going to spend the day fretting.

At Spanking Sarah this week we are back in our care home where our carers are quite frankly uncaring!  (I do hope the vet surgery staff are nicer)  Belle and Luna were given a task which they failed quite miserably and now Luna must pay the price.  Trainee nurse has had to watch as Nurse Bell had her bare bottom paddled and she now realised this was not going to be a fun day for her. She was next. Bent over the chair I made it clear to her that she had to have a severe paddling if her behaviour was to be improved. Her bottom was soon a very painful area and she did not like this punishment one little bit

Spanking Sarah

We had another fantastic shoot with Bonnie May yesterday and I have great preview pictures.  We now have to decide who will get the films.  Mr Stern and I both love Bonnie so it will be a bit of a fight.

Coming soon to either English Spankers or Spanking Sarah

Satine Spark Joins the Sexy Cleaning Company

When we shot with Satine Spark again recently I was amazed to find that she had never joined our Sexy Cleaning Company!  She really is one of our favourite Spankees and we have shot so many films with her over the years that it seemed impossible that she had slipped through the net.  Well, as soon as we realised we signed her up for it.  See how she gets on in our latest film.

Another story from the Sexy Cleaning company and a welcome return to Satine Spark, we must have more requests to see Satine getting a good spanking than almost any other girl and we always oblige. This is her interview for the Sexy cleaning Company and so as you might guess there are plenty of good bending over and up-skirt shots to wet your appetite before she goes over Mr. Sterns knee for a real bottom reddening spanking. Great fun and spank filled film  

English Spankers

50 Shades of Golf

It is the start of another week and once more I am playing blog catch up.   We released the latest Sarah Spanks Men film on Friday and I have only now got the chance to tell you about it.  ‘Nathan’ my on screen Husband made some films with me for the site about eighteen months ago so it was fantastic to see him make a return.  He claims that this is the last film he will ever make as he feels that he is ‘to old’  I am sure you will agree with me that this is not the case.

Everyone has 50 shades of something so here is my far more believable contribution. Nathan, playing my husband tells me he is going to play golf. The truth is far more bizarre and the result is that Nathan is in for a rather long punishment session. You will see the result of my hard hand and then the application of a couple of my heavier paddles. He ended this part of the film with a very red bottom. Please excuse the smiles on our faces, we had so much fun making this film!  

Sarah Spanks Men

Bonnie May Spanked in Jeans

I haven’t stopped since my return from Spain.  I have had several sessions and spent today filming for SarahSpanksMen.   It was a welcome return to the site for ‘Nathan’  He filmed with me about eighteen months ago and at that time played the part of ‘Fred’ the bad banker.   This time he played my Husband who I caught sneaking out to a fetish club.   I always let the guys I shoot with decide what type of scenario we role play, unless they have been sent along for discipline.

Coming soon to Sarah Spanks Men

Bonnie May is at  SpankingSarah site this week.  I love shooting with this girl.  Bonnie May had never been spanked before she came along to see me and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if she would ever come back.  I was rather pleased when she got back in touch for to arrange another shoot.  She arrived wearing some rather nice tight jeans and her bottom looked so good that I decided to spank her in them.  The beautiful Bonnie May back on my site, after the whacking I gave her last time I never thought she would want to make another spanking film but! She actually loved it and in this film she is a naughty young girl who tries to sell off her Family collection of antiques but gets caught out just in time. The punishment is to be quite severe starting with an over the knee spanking over her tight blue jeans but these have to come down. Her pert bottom is high in the air and soon turns a lovely shade of red under my hard hand  

Spanking Sarah