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A Brand New Blog

Well, it had to happen.   From today  there is a new blog in town.  Well, it actually went live at the start of January but to be honest, I have been so busy that I just had not had a chance to update it.  I am still busy but as all our other fantastic sites have their own blogs I felt that the Sarahspanksmen one could not wait any longer.  My first real post is up and I will ensure that it is updated at least once a week with site news, sneak previews of shoots and our plans.  Take a look at the blog by clicking this link here.  A few changes still need to be made but it is getting there.  If you are a fellow blogger then please feel free to get in touch for a link exchange.

The Reckless Driver at Sarah Spanks Men

Just a quick post from me today to let you know that I have updated my SarahSpanksMen site.   James is a well mannered, quiet and kind man until he gets behind the wheel.  He then becomes a danger to himself and others.  His Wife was so worried that he would kill them one day that she sent him along to see me.  Will a trip over my knee and a dose of the heavy hairbrush do the trick?

Sarah Spanks Men

Violet gets her first otk spanking

I am pretty tired.  Unusually for me I am sessioning this evening and most of Saturday.   I do try and keep my weekends free but as I am off to Spain soon I am trying to make sure that I see all my lovely regulars before I go.  dd to that a busy filming schedule and it does not take long to realise that I can’t keep to Monday – Friday 9-5 hours.  I guess I should count myself lucky that I am in such demand and that so many naughty guys need to take a trip over my knee.  I have Sunday off so I can then spoil myself by catching up with the ironing and other housework tasks.

We filmed with young Violet a few months back.  She had just turned eighteen and had such a baby face that I made sure I double checked all her ID!  Violet had never been spanked before and in all honesty, I don’t think it is something she will be in a rush to do again.  At least she can say she has tried it and we can say we have some wonderful films of this teenager.  We shoot with so many new girls and not everyone of them is going to like it.  I must confess that I do not go any easier on these newbies.  If they are coming along to a spanking shoot then they are going to be spanked, not tapped. 

The latest films at RedStripe Films Once again we get the best of the new girls on the spanking scene, this week Violet makes her first film. She has been spanked by a previous boyfriend but felt that she really now wanted to experience a very hard and prolonged punishment session. What better place to start than here. Over the knee spanked on tights, panties and then on her bare bottom RedStripe Films

Snow stops play

We don’t have any snow here, much to the not so little ones disgust, she was rather hoping for a day off.  Bonnie May was not quite so lucky.  She lives further North and she woke up to a blanket of one.  The trains were still running but getting to the station was proving difficult.  As there is more snow forecast, I suggested that we rebook for next week.  I think Bonnie was rather relieved not to have to brave the nasty weather and face the possibility of getting stuck on her way home.  It has also given me a chance to try and get a little up to date with all the other tasks I have which have fallen by the wayside over the past few weeks.  I now have time to go and get a haircut something I really wanted to do before attending the Slayers party tomorrow.  It is difficult to look strict when your fringe is getting into your eyes!  I am looking forward to meeting so many naughty boys and giving each and everyone of them a sound smacked bottom. Lovely film at English Spankers this week starring the wonderful Satine Spark.  I do love shooting with Satine.  She made her very first spanking film with us about five years ago.  At the time she had never ever been spanked before but did really well.   We have filmed with her many times since and I can honestly say that she really has not changed very much. Satine has been spanked for bringing a stray puppy home without permission. She is supposed to have taken it back from where it came but has not done so, she is now in very serious trouble. Grandmothers old slipper is produced, a good stout slipper designed to bring maximum pain when applied with skill and force to a young girls bare bottom. That’s what she has to endure, tears will not stop it, she has to take her punishment

English Spankers To show you just how little this Satine has changed I have posted some photos of her first spanking shoot.  These films are still available at English Spankers You can of course see Satine at SpankingSarah as well. I wonder if we will still be filming with Luna in five years time?  Many young ladies try their hands at spanking and many do not stay the course.  Over the years countless  have made their debuts at our sites.  Some only ever shot with us, others went onto make a few films with others and a very few are still active in the spanking scene.   Only time will tell what will happen with young Luna.  All I can say is that I am very happy to be able to debut this lovely girl this week at Spanking Sarah Another new girl for my site and the start of a new series of films where we give our girls the chance to be whatever they want in the case of Belle & Luna they are attending their first day as trainee care workers, sent here for special measures training because of their unruly behaviour and the reluctance to accept work when offered to them and a general attitude that the world owes them a living. I soon put them right on that and waste no time in introducing them to my very own methods of instilling a work ethic in young ladies by way of their bare bottoms. A sound spanking first of all for new girl Luna Spanking Sarah

It’s been a while …..

Well, there is a saying which states that the devil makes work for idle hands ….. Mine have been far from idle!  It seems that I haven’t updated the blog for ages.  I think I actually did some postings in advance at the start of last week so it probably does not seem so long to you since I posted.  I know that at the moment I am continuously playing catch up partly due to the fact that we have been doing so much shooting but also because are now spending our time between Countries.  We are shooting with the lovely Bonnie May again in the morning so after I have caught up with the update I have missed, I will try to post some more in advance.

I shot with a great new Guy for SarahSpanksMen today Meet James, a rather nice chap who loves to have his bum smacked hard.  His first film will become live on Friday and here a are a few preview pictures

Sarah Spanks Men

Our friend Tony has proven very popular.  This is the first film we have featured with a guy dressed in ladies undies and you seem to rather like it!  I have punished Tony previously for wanking in his wife’s knickers but now he has started wearing her underwear. She has sent him to see me for a series of strict punishments and discipline sessions. In this film you will see me spanking him in the stolen undies  

Sarah Spanks Men