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Our Latest Spanking Shoot

Shooting spanking porn can be fantastic fun. It can also be hugely stressful. It really all depends upon with whom you are filming. Fortunately, for us we had the use of not only the London Tanners House but his spanking and camera skills. Only Real Princess was also on hand to make us wonderful food [...]

A Big Bumper Spanking Update

Well, it might not be, it all depends on just how long I have before the rest of the household wakes up. It seems promising, I am still running on Egyptian time so at the moment it is silly o clock on a Saturday morning. The not so littles seem to usually think that Saturdays [...]

The Best laid Plans and other Spanking Updates

The best laid plans can go to pot especially when you have a premenstrual teenager in the house. I know I am not alone in thinking that my female not so little is the vilest person EVER to live at times. In fact, I also on one level know that some peoples not so littles [...]

Email Idiocy and Spanking

I had a link sent via email from someone and very kindly (I thought) answered to let them know they had been hacked. It seems that my reply went to all the people on that email list and I received the following reply ‘Bull Shitter’ Charmed I am sure! Now, readers may know that I [...]

A Halloween Free Zone

Well, almost. Before I start on why I absolutely loathe and detest Halloween let me share a couple of photos with you.

Regular readers will recognise this poor thing as my little dog Evie. Now, I am a parent and I have learnt many a thing over the long (seemingly endless) years I have [...]