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Saturday Morning Super Spankings

We now have five sites to update on a regular basis. Most of you here for the spanking so may not know about won’t know about our Strand Girls site but if you like to see real Amateur ladies up to no good then it is certainly worth a look! The monthly membership is amazing [...]

Another Week, and Another Three Fantastic Spanking Films

It will soon be Christmas! Seriously, this year is absolutely whizzing by. Since we have been back from Egypt we have not stopped. We will soon need a holiday to get over the holiday. I have celebrated a Birthday and Mr Stern has even found the time to have an eye operation. As well as [...]

Back and Ready to Spank!

We are back. I have had a wonderful and relaxing holiday and I am now back and itching to put my hand to good use! I am spanking one of my regular guys a little later today and I know that those first few slaps are going to really hurt my hand! They tend to [...]

It’s Monday!

I have looked at my diary. I may as well say that the week is already over! Every day is booked in some description which is fantastic. We are shooting in the morning. Thankfully Katie DidIt is coming up to assist. I had an accident earlier today if you follow me on Twitter you can [...]

Back to Life, Back to Reality …….

Well, I have had a truly amazing holiday. It is no secret that I adore the Sun and eventually hope to be able to move to sunnier climes. I am having some difficulties getting back into the swing of things. I did actually have a spanking session with one of my regular customers on the [...]