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Summer Holidays and Spanking Fun

It has been a while since I have been able to write my blog. Life is usually busy and has become more so since the not so little ones have broken up from school. Add to the mix the fact that we have been looking after a six month Lab puppy and you can […]

A Whole lot of Caning going on!

This week has been a strange one. I guess like a lot of Producers we are still reeling from the shock. We knew it was coming, had even prepared for it but it still seems really strange and really frightening that my place of birth can criminalise so many acts in one swop without […]

Our Latest Greatest Spanking Films

We have just spent a few days with our wonderful friends in Cornwall. We took the vile teen with us and even she seemed to enjoy herself (most of the time) There is only one thing wrong with our friends and that is that they live so very far away. Still, it makes the […]

Amelia Jane Rutherford at Triple A Spanking and other Spanking Updates

At Triple A Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford was hungover & awaiting an early morning punishment, she had already made an “apology coffee” for John who recalled the events of her previous night’s disgraceful behaviour. She knew that she had done wrong & accepted her punishment but he wasn’t convinced that she was really learning […]

If you go down to the woods today …..

You would have been in for a very big surprise. Actually, if you went today you would probably not see anything but visitors to the woods yesterday would have been overjoyed to see the wonderful Amelia Jane Rutherford skipping in the forest taking a basket of fruit to her beloved Grand Mother. We have […]

Come Dine With me Spankings

I am watching Come Dine with me. I must confess, I quite like it. I know it is crap TV but that really suits me sometimes. I don’t watch much television and sometimes I like to be able to work and have something on in the background. Other programmes which I class as ‘TV […]

Will Savage joins Dreams of Spanking

It is snowing and it is very, very, very cold. This time last year I was on my way to The Gambia. We flew out from Manchester airport and I went by train. It was so warm in the UK that we were in T shirts. Now, I know that sounds unbelievable but we […]

Sarah Spanks Girls and other Spanking Updates

We had an amazing shoot with two new girls yesterday and I will bring you some photos from this soon. We were back quite late last night so are still in the process of downloading all the material. I will be driving down to London a little later today so thought I would update […]

Clover and Lizzy Strapped and Birched at Spanking Sarah

Another day of rain, followed by rain and perhaps a little later some more rain. I think we can safely say we will not be having a summer this year which for a sun lover like myself is rather bad news. I am waiting for my not so little ones to be not so […]

A rude awakening for Janna at UnladyLike Manor

It is nearly half term and the not so little ones are going off to exotic places courtesy of the bank of Mum and Dad ( more the Bank of Mum, but we won’t go into that here) The eldest not so little one will be staying at home. He has joined the big […]