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Two naughty School Girls get the Hairbrush at English Spankers

I have been back in England for two days and have been a naughty school girl on both of them! I can’t remember what terrible crimes I had committed but I can say that I got spanked both days for them. Tomorrow will see me as The Headmistress as my poor bum could do […]

Early Morning Spankings

For some mad reason I have woken up at 4am this morning. After trying to get back to sleep for an hour I have decided that I may as well get up and get some work done. I offered to take the dog out but she turned her nose up! She is now snoring […]

Gone Fishing!

Actually it wasn’t fishing, it was boating. Mr Stern and I decided to be really naughty and play hooky for a couple of days. The forecast was good so we threw caution to the wind and took off. We had our phones which allow us internet connection so we were able to deal with […]

Ten Amourette Gets the Slipper at RedStripe Films

I spoke to Lola Marie earlier today to see how she was after her first ever spanking shoot. She replied that her bottom is still quite swollen and rather bruised but that she really enjoyed her day. Lola Marie joins a long line of lovely ladies to make their debuts with our stable of […]

Disco Dancing for Kiki Divine and Lola Marie joins Spanking Sarah

Please welcome Lola Marie to Spanking Sarah. We filmed with this lovely lady today and wow, she was amazing. She has great bottom and took all implements including the cane. This was Lola Maries first ever spanking shoot but it won’t be her last. Here are some previews photos. Coming soon Spanking Sarah


Sunshine and Spankings

Two of my favourite things. The Spankings I get (or get to give) every single week. The Sunshine seems to happen less often. But, this week I have them both. Mr Stern is slowly getting better and all in the world is good. We are filming with a brand spanking new model on Wednesday […]

We’re going through changes

Life is good. Sometimes however something happens which makes you sit up and think and also realise that change has to happen. Mr Stern and I have ran our websites for a number of years. In fact, Mr S run his for a lot longer than I. We both have tasks which we perform […]

Bow Jangles Joins the House of Correction

It has been a busy few days with filming and sessions of late. It is good to be busy but it does mean that my blogs have suffered a little. We are filming with Amelia Jane Rutherford, Sophie Parker and KatieDidIt on Friday and Saturday of this week. Katie DidIt has just arrived to […]

Oopps She ‘DidIt’ Again!

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I proudly announce the return of the wonderful, the amazing, the truly spectacular KatieDidIt! It has been over a year since this lovely lovely lady has made a film. Now, when I say return, it might sound like she has been somewhere and she hasn’t. Well, she did have a […]

Leia Ann Woods Joins the Sexy Cleaning Company at English Spankers

I forgot my GrandMothers birthday the other day. Now, that is sad. What is sadder is she forgot it also, actually, she didn’t forget she just decided that it was her birthday on the wrong day. I phoned to apologise only to be told that it had been the day before. Upon checking with […]