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Monday Morning Spankings

My not so little ones almost forgot to hate each other last night, a large period of time elapsed when they not only got on, but were laughing and joking! Ok, for some of this time we were in the cinema so they couldn’t actually try to kill each other but this good humour extended […]

Kiki Gets the Cane at Spanking Sarah and other Spanking Updates

Well, it seems that you all loved Lucy who made her Spanking Debut at English Spankers yesterday. I wonder if it is a love of school girls or the fact that she is a brand spanking new model? We do seem to be lucky enough to debut quite a few new young ladies and we […]

The Cane for Kiki at RedStripe Films

This time next week I will have been in Greece for a few days and will hopefully be sitting by a pool basking in the sun with a nice cold drink in my hand. It does seem like rather a long time away – you are reading this on Thursday, it was written on Tuesday […]

School Girl Kiki Spanked at English Spankers

You can buy everything and anything on the internet including Spanking Sarah Dvds. I was quite surprised about this, you see, I don’t make them. A guy named Chilli Palmer joined my site a while ago downloaded all my fantastic films and decided to make his own. Now, before you rush off to buy them […]

Kiki Devine Spanked in her Pyjamas and other spanking updates

The sun seems to be trying to make an appearance this morning, could this be the start of Summer? If I believe the newspapers (a very foolish thing to do) then Summer will not be here until September! I do think that the Stern one and I will be packing up and moving somewhere sunny […]