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A VeryHappy New Year

Let me start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year. 2o13 was rather a fantastic year for me so I am hoping that 2014 continues along the same vein. I am very happy to be able to do a job I adore and I know that the only way this is possible […]

And now for something different………

I am woefully behind on everything. Well, not everything. I have managed to get a film shot, edited and live within a couple of days. It certainly helps that the Stern one and I are capable of managing every aspect of our business – we do sometimes enlist outside help but the majority of […]

The Best laid Plans and other Spanking Updates

The best laid plans can go to pot especially when you have a premenstrual teenager in the house. I know I am not alone in thinking that my female not so little is the vilest person EVER to live at times. In fact, I also on one level know that some peoples not so […]

Molly Malone Caned by Aleesha Fox

We made some absolutely fantastic films with Aleesha Fox and Molly Malone in the Summer. They had never shot together before but the connection between them was electric. Each and every film was amazing but I must say that this one made for RedStripe Films has to be the very best. I think Molly […]

Molly Malone Strapped for Cash at RedStripe Films

We have (hopefully) buggered off for a few days. I am writing this in advance whilst I listen to the radio talk of 90 mile per hour gusts coming to the South Coast. If this is the case, then it is unlikely that the ferry we have booked to take us to France will […]

Charlie gets the Cane and other Spanking Updates

I almost feel sorry for Charlie when I watch the latest film from English Spankers. I really did give her a hard caning especially since it was her first ever taste of the cane. However, if ladies want to make spanking films, they need to get spanked! It would be pointless if I barely […]

Charlie takes her first ever Spanking at English Spankers and other Spanking updates

It has been a busy week. The fact that it is only Tuesday surprises me. I have spent a couple of very enjoyable days having my bottom smacked and now I need to catch up on some work online. We are filming tomorrow, then I am in session again Thursday so before I know […]

Some Spankings for the Weekend

The sun is shining and it is supposed to continue over the weekend. I was going to hibernate the tortoises but I am going to leave them out for a little while longer. I usually keep them in an indoor vivarium but they have grown so big that it is just not possible this […]

Aleesha Fox gets the Cane and other Spanking Updates

I picked up a brand spanking new car this morning. I have never ever had a brand brand new car in my life so this was quite exciting for me. I usually buy them when they are about 6 months old. Mr Stern and I have had a little drive around in it and […]

Camping Spanking Aleesha and Molly Paddled

Should I be concerned about just how well the wonderful Mr Stern plays the part of a dirty old man? The third and final part of ‘Camping Spanking’ is at RedStripe Films this week. We had a lot of fun making these little films and I am so pleased that the weather was kind […]