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Ladies I have spanked

Lola Marie gets tied up and Jess appears at both sites

We have spent the last eight days in Spain at The World Spain Party the weather has been glorious and it has been great to meet with many friends old and new who enjoy our great kink. On the downside the vile teen choose our time away to go AWOL and we had a sleepless […]

Something for the Weekend?

Not that I can believe that it is Friday already! This week has rushed by in quite a blur. We have had two really enjoyable days filming with Amelia Jane Rutherford and a brand new spanking model. The filming took place at The London Tanners who very kindly helped out by smacking some bottoms. We […]

Two naughty School Girls get the Hairbrush at English Spankers

I have been back in England for two days and have been a naughty school girl on both of them! I can’t remember what terrible crimes I had committed but I can say that I got spanked both days for them. Tomorrow will see me as The Headmistress as my poor bum could do with […]

A Spanking Good Update

It has been a while since I have been able to cover anyones films apart from our own. I just genuinely have not had the time. Life is really busy at the moment not that I am complaining. There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day to smack the bottoms that […]

Kali Redmond Caned at Northern Spanking

I have spent the morning getting messy and throwing shaving foam pies. I absolutely love doing this but the foam gets everywhere! If you are on Twitter you can see a photo of me on Mr Sterns (@strandpro) twitter account.

At Northern Spanking Poor Kali has a serious beating in store for this evening. He […]