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Kiki Devine Spanked in her Pyjamas and other spanking updates

The sun seems to be trying to make an appearance this morning, could this be the start of Summer? If I believe the newspapers (a very foolish thing to do) then Summer will not be here until September! I do think that the Stern one and I will be packing up and moving somewhere […]

A Double Caning for Danielle Hunt

I love working with Danielle Hunt. She has come on a lot since the first shoot we did with her for RedStripe Films. I can’t believe she is the same girl! I recently filmed a trio of films with her for my Spanking Sarah site. Each film is a complete story but can also […]

Uncle Pauls Pyjama Spanking Club at English Spankers

Brand Spanking new series starts at English Spankers this week. Please welcome Uncle Paul to the team. He will over the coming months help Mr Stern Auntie Katie and I deal with many a naughty bottom at this great site. Now, as many of you know, I am slightly biased, English Spankers is run […]

Danielle Hunt gets a pyjama slippering at Spanking Sarah

I love Danielle Hunt and fortunately, so do you guys which is pretty lucky really as she is on most of the Brit spank sites at the moment. Readers of the blog may know that we did her first ever spanking shoot with her a while back. You can see the film at RedStripe […]

Ready for Bed at Northern Spanking

Still not here – hopefully having a rather good time that I can tell you all about when I get back from deepest darkest Africa. I do hope the sun is shining where you are If it is not then perhaps this will cheer you up.

New to Northern Spanking. A bedtime smacked bottom […]

Teacher spanked and slippered at Sound Punishment

A new photostory at Sound Punishment and a new pricing structure to reflect the fact that none of us has any money to spend at the moment! Thank god I gave up smoking so many years ago. As it is I am thinking of buying a bike. It is only the fact that my […]

Spanked and slippered in my pyjamas

This morning has not gone well. I woke up late. Now when I say late, I mean half past seven which I guess for some is still early. I seem to be able to work better in the mornings so where as some would be reaching for the kettle, I was reaching for my […]